Owning committee name

Community-Based Collaborative Care

Within scope of: - Patient Friendly/Natural Language for Security and Privacy for Consent Directive Project

Approved during the May 27, 2014 CBCC Conference Call

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups


FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

Captures a DocumentRoot specific Consent Directory.

RIM scope


Resource appropriateness

Recording and providing access to documentation of a Privacy Consent Directive.

Related to the document form of Privacy Consent Directive

Expected implementations

Health Information Exchanges that manage Privacy Consent Directives

Content sources

HL7 Consent Directive

Example Scenarios

Recording that a patient privacy consent directive has been obtained.

Looking up for use or display the current consent directives on file.

Resource Relationships

Historic work done as a Profile on the Contract FHIR Resource Proposal


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