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This page describes the expectations for those individuals who choose to be the "lead" for a particular connectathon track.

Responsibilities before the connectathon

  • Create the initial track proposal. (This doesn't have to be done by the track lead, but it will be typical that this is the case). Track proposals need to be submitted for each connectathon, even if they are regularly run. For each submission, the submitter should ensure that lessons learned from the last time the track was run are incorporated in the revised submission. Where appropriate, the track scenario(s) should evolve to ensure that each connectathon provides new opportunities for implementers and exercises (and stresses) the FHIR specificaiton in new ways.
  • Respond to FMG questions with respect to the track proposal. The track lead is the primary point of contact for the track. When necessary, they will act as the liaison between the FMG and the work group or project that is sponsoring the track (for the purposes of the connectathon track only)
  • Solicit connectathon participants. The track lead is encouraged to take reasonable steps to increase awareness of the connectathon track amongst stakeholders who may be interested in joining the connectathon. As well, the track lead may field questions from potentially interested participants seeking additional information about the track. Part of this responsibility includes ensuring that participants planning to attend the connectathon register their interest in the connectathon in the pre-connectathon survey.
  • If the track is approved for inclusion in the connectathon, the track lead is responsible for ensuring that TestScript instances are created exercising all of the track scenarios by the FMG-announced deadline. These test scripts support formal testing during the connectathon and ensure that participants have concrete guidance as to minimal capabilities to have in place for the connectathon. Tracks without test scripts may not be counted as "official" connectathon tests for FMM purposes.
  • Create a zulip ( discussion thread for the purpose of coordinating development efforts for participants in the connectathon track. (Using the same thread as a previous iteration of the same track is acceptable.) The lead is also responsible for ensuring this thread is regularly updated (ideally every few days) with the participants who have registered for the track. (Alternatively, create the track in a way that allows self-registration and post the link at the top of the track description with prominent text instructing registered participants to join.
  • Help manage discussions on the discussion thread and address any issues identified with test scripts, sample instances, etc. before the connectathon. Provide reasonable assistance to implementers who have questions related to the track. (Keeping in mind that track lead is generally a volunteer position - it's ok to direct participants to community resources.)

Expectations after the connectathon

  • The track lead must contribute 1-3 paragraphs to the connectathon report summarizing the connectathon outcomes using the template provided on the connectathon event page.
  • They should also consolidate feedback from track participants around changes/improvements to the connectathon process
  • They are encouraged to support ongoing testing and conversation among connectathon participants that occurs after the formal connectathon has completed

Responsibilities during the connectathon

  • Actively monitor and facilitate the track zulip discussion during the track
  • Answer questions and address issues that arise amongst track participants as part of the connectathon
  • Ensure that JIRA tickets are submitted to record any issues identified by the track relating to the core specification and/or implementation guide(s) exercised by the track
  • Provide suggestions for "bonus point" tasks for participants who have completed the base scenarios and tested interoperability with available partners
  • Encourage participants to participate in documenting track report during the process (or earlier if relevant)
  • Validate whether the FMM 2 objective of "at least 3 independent systems have successfully interoperated" has been met.
  • Identify a small number of track participants who have content to demonstrate that may be of general interest to all connectathon participants and solicit willingness to present. (Coordinate with the Connectathon Administrator to ensure that numbers are appropriate. The Connectathon Administrator will typically indicate the number and duration of slots available to each track.) Ensure track participants are given the necessary web-meeting credentials to allow smooth transition of sharing privileges
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