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Patient Care

(Temporarily managed by FHIR Core with review from Patient care)

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Scope of coverage

Used to record detailed information about a specific issue with the health state of a patient. It is intended for use for issues that have been identified as relevant for tracking and reporting purposes or where there's a need to capture a concrete diagnosis the gathering of data such as signs and symptoms. However, there are situations where the same information might appear as both an Observation as well as a Condition. For example, the appearance of a rash or an instance of a fever are signs and symptoms that would typically be captured using the Observation resource. However, a pattern of ongoing fevers or a persistent or severe rash requiring treatment might be captured as a Condition. The Condition resource specifically excludes AdverseReactions and AllergyIntolerances as those are handled with their own resources.

Conditions are frequently referenced by other resources as "reasons" for an action (Prescription, Procedure, DiagnosticOrder, etc.)

RIM scope

Resource appropriateness

The recording of a patients problems and diagnoses are a common activity within medical practice. Exmaples of their use include:

  • Most clinical encounters are assigned to a problem or problems.
  • An up to date problem list is one of the cornerstones of clinical practice, are are implemented by most, if not all EMR systems.
  • Problems (active and inactive) are a part of most CDA documents

Expected implementations

Most clinical systems and communications between clinical systems

Content sources

CCDA, openEHR, existing systems

Example Scenarios

Resource Relationships

The problem resource is linked to:

  • Patient resource as the subject
  • Visit resource to indicate the visit where the problem was first asserted
  • Practitioner & Patient resource to indicate who is asserting this problem

Plus links as appropriate to any other resource for assessment of stage, evidence for the problem and related items


Expected to be balloted DSTU in September 2013

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