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Owning committee name

FHIR Project Team

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • Vocabulary
  • MnM

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

Whichever one FHIR works under

Scope of coverage

This resource expresses a mapping from one set of concepts to another. One key case is where the concepts are represented in a value set. Each mapping has the following qualities:

  • a unidirectional mapping
  • from a concept in one system to a concept in another
  • the mapping is only claimed to be valid in the context of the source and target value set (if supplied)
  • value sets: supports mapping between any code system as defined by the value set resource (and by extension, the core principles)
  • This will be used to capture and share mappings between code systems, and between element definitions in models
  • scope of this resource is not constrained by subject, discipline, environment, or locale

RIM scope

Out of scope for the RIM - this is in the MIF space.

Resource appropriateness

This resource:

  • Represents a well understood, "important" concept in the business of healthcare: mapping between code systems or models
  • Represents a concept expected to be tracked with distinct, reliable, unique ids: maps are important and expensive assets to be tracked and shared
  • Reasonable for the resource to be independently created, queried and maintained: yes - maps get created and curated
  • Declared interest in need for standardization of data exchange: yes - there is need both exchange maps and also to use maps in service of exchange
  • Resource is expected to contain an appropriate number of "core" (non-extension): current design has 19 elements
  • Have the characteristics of high cohesion & low coupling: this is a focused infrastructure resource with a clearly defined boundary

Expected implementations

  • this is already implemented by the tools to express FHIR mappings to v2 and v3, and will be used by the run-time tool to assist with validation and operational mappings
  • this will be used underneath implementations of the questionnaire resource to capture mappings of data elements and their contents between systems
  • this would be taken up by any FHIR based implementation of vocabulary related services
  • profile editors will need to express code mappings on a regular basis


Content sources

  • Internal tooling requirements
  • MIF
  • CTS 2
  • Core Principles
  • IHTSDO Mapping format
  • ISO/AWI TR 12300
  • ISO 11179

Example Scenarios

  • mappings from FHIR to v2 and v3
  • mappings from a local code set to a LOINC code set

Resource Relationships

  • this resource references ValueSet.
  • No direct plans for other resources to reference it yet, but it may impact in future planning for the Profile resource


  • This resource already exists in an operational non-reviewed form
  • in it's existing form, it wasn't proposed for the DSTU, and therefore would be post DSTU
  • However the tools need it to exist to meet DSTU comments around code mappings needing to be provided
  • was published as informative with the DSTU (with disclaimer explaining the status), should now become a full resource

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