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Owning committee name


Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

  • CGIT?

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

The scope of this resource is to define a compartment in the specification (e.g. the patient compartment), or for a server to declare how it supports a compartment as defined in the specification. It may also be used to define new compartments, but the methodological consequences of this are unknown, and this isn't a focus.

The resource will be suitable for use in the same way the other conformance resources are. (All locales)

RIM scope

N/a - out of scope for the RIM

Resource appropriateness

The specification already defines the concept of a compartment, and the build tool internally defines what each compartment means in a computable way. However this is not published by the build tool in any computable fashion. Nor is there any meaningful way to represent this in a conformance statement of a server, but it makes a difference to implementers, who may need or want to know what compartments a server offers, and how it decides that resources are in the compartment. This resource just makes a computable declaration of these things possible from a conformance resource. hence, it's requirements for storage etc match the conformance resource.

Expected implementations

  • Build tool
  • Health intersections server
  • others?

Content sources

  • Specification

Example Scenarios

see note above

Resource Relationships

  • will be referred to explicitly from the Conformance resource
  • may be referred to explicitly from the IG resource, but will be able to included there even if not specifically referenced


will be implemented prior to Montreal (may 2016) connectathon

gForge Users


When Resource Proposal Is Complete

When you have completed your proposal, please send an email to