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Project 1128 [1]

Scope of coverage

The Care Team resource includes all the people and/or organizations of interest who participate in the coordination and delivery of care for a patient. This is not limited to clinicians/providers, but may include other caregivers such as family members, guardians, patient themselves, or others.

The Care Team, depending on where used, may include care team members specific to a particular care plan, an episode, an encounter, or may reflect all known team members across these perspectives.

The Care Team exists to identify relationships and responsibilities. The Care Team is neither an actor (the team as a whole does not 'perform') nor is the Care Team a target of action (i.e. CareTeam is not generally the focus of observations, though it's possible the CareTeam may be referenced by resources dealing with permissions)

gForge 9261 [2] has a draft of some of the proposed resource elements.

RIM scope

Resource appropriateness

A Care Team reflects a data set that is related to other resources, e.g., Patient and CarePlan, describing a specific group of people or organizations that address one or more aspects of patient care.

Expected implementations

C-CDA and FHIR based CCDS focused APIs to access specific data sets will be the initial implementations, as well as other Care Plan related implementations.

Content sources

As this resource is introduced to separate it from CarePlan, rather than only being available for CarePlan, the data content is in part based on current CarePlan.Participant, as well as current C-CDA and Patient Administration requirements.

Example Scenarios

  • Set of individuals involved in helping to manage a patient's diabetes (GP, dietician, home care nurse, endocrinologist, patient, spouse)
  • Oncology care team for a particular patient

Resource Relationships

Refers to Person, Organization. Is referred by Care Plan, Patient, .....

Care Team is distinct from Group. Group is patient-independent and identifies an undifferentiated set of individuals who are intended to be the target of one or more clinical activities (e.g. set of clinical trial participants, set of individuals impacted by or at risk of a public health event, a herd or flock, etc.) Care Team is about establishing a set of relationships and roles and is specific to a particular Patient.

CareTeam is referenced by EpisodeOfCare and CarePlan to identify the set of individuals (and their respective roles) involved in providing the care defined by those two resources.

CareTeam may reference a condition. CareTeam may have a type.


Ready for DSTU 3.0. with expected early adoption by those interested to satisfy US 2015 Edition CCDS API requirements.

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