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Owning committee name

FHIR Core Team (eventually PatientCare)

Interested Work Groups


FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

Deals with documentation of intended care for a specific human or animal for a particular (possibly implicit) time period. It does not (presently) cover non-healthcare-related care (e.g. device maintenance, plan for a specific specimen), nor does it deal with "definitional" plans that are not specific to a single patient and time-period. It does however cover all disciplines and all delivery environments.

Deals with the who (care team), the what (care activities) and the why (goals). Can specify the problems for the Plan is intended to address. Also covers what are termed 'tasks' or 'actions' in PMS systems, as well as 'recalls' (a scheduled follow up for some purpose) and 'screening' (where specific tests like a Cervical Smear are to be performed on a regular basis). A set sequence of interventions (like an immunization plan) is another use, with a like to a 'protocol' resource (to be defined) that describes the standard set of interventions for a particular purpose.

An individual patient may have multiple care plan resources active any any one time with different contexts or specific to different providers.

RIM scope

Act[classCode=PCPR, moodCode=INT], 1..1 subject participation with role of Patient

Resource appropriateness

Care plans are a well understood construct in healthcare, being created, updated and finally ending.

Care plans may be shared on their own or as part of referrals, discharge summaries, etc.

Expected implementations

Part of CCDA Many EMR systems have a requirement for recording care plan activities The increasing emphasis in 'shared care' will increase the demand for Care Plans and a requirement to be able to share plans between systems

Content sources

  • Patient Care DAM
  • aspects of v2 (GOL)
  • OpenEHR (need someone to review with this in mind)
  • existing PMS functionality
  • CCDA templates
  • others?

Example Scenarios

  • A Care Plan for managing a chronic problem like Diabetes
  • A Care Plan scheduling visits for Pregnancy or interventions like Immunization
  • A Care Plan for a managing an acute injury
  • A Care Plan defining the members and roles of an oncology team

Resource Relationships

  • Tied to a single Patient
  • May have multiple participants (Providers, RelatedPersons, the Patient themselves)
  • May be tied to one or more Conditions
  • May have linkages from the planned activities to the various resources that realize those activities (orders, appointments, events)


Part of initial DSTU

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