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Short Description

Review and test aspects of the ONC FAST Directory effort 

Long Description

Review of the existing implementation guides that are part of input into the FAST Directory solution.  The existing implementation guides include the Validated Healthcare Directory IG and the Da Vinci PDex Plan Net IG. The FAST solution document outlines the direction that will be taken in creating the three new IGs that are part of the National Directory work effort at HL7.


Review initial implementation guide work and test associated reference implementations (Validated HealthCare Directory, PDex Plan Net, and CAQH Payer Directory)

Submitting Work Group/Project/Accelerator/Affiliate/Implementer Group  

Patient Administration / FAST Directory Task Force

Track Lead(s)

Robert Dieterle, Ron Urwongse, Sean Mahoney

Track Lead Email(s);;

Related Tracks

Da Vinci Patient Access API (PDex Plan Net)

FHIR Version


Specification(s) this track uses

The FAST Directory Track will use both of the following IG as reference information

Validated Healthcare Directory FHIR IG: 

PDex PlanNet:

Plan Net Reference Implementations

Hosted Reference Implementations

Reference Implementation Code

Endpoint Directory Search API
  1. Access the Endpoint Directory Search API by using any API method or tools such as Postman
  2. Access Token (POST method)
      1. grant_type = password
      2. username =
  • password = Train5Cup4!
  1. client_id = epd-service-frontend
  1. Once you get the auth token, access the search endpoint (Get method)
    2. Params:
      1. organizationName = Humana
      2. useCases = Patient Access
    3. Header:
      1. Authorization = Bearer {{access_token}}
    4. Can also search for:
      1. Applications
      2. Organizations
    5. Explore the Endpoint Directory UI
      1. Use the same test credentials in #2

Artifacts of focus

Endpoint resource

Expected participants

Payers and Providers interested in using an endpoint directory to facilitate implementing the CMS and ONC final rules

Zulip stream

Zulip stream for comments and questions regarding the ONC FAST Directory Track

Track Details

For the Track agenda, please see Whova and select the ONC FAST Directory Track.

The first session (10:30-11:30 ET) will focus on:

1) Status of the FAST Directory Effort (Robert Dieterle)

2) Overview of the PDex Plan Net FHIR IG (Sean Mahoney)

3) Overview of the CAQH Payer EndPoint Directory (Ron Urwongse)

The second session (11:30-12:30 ET) will focus on:

1) Overview of the PDex Plan Net Reference Implementation (Sean Mahoney)

2) Overview of the CAQH Implementation (Ron Urwongse)

The third session (1:30-3:30 ET) is split into two separate tracks:

1) For those interested in testing against the PDex Plan Net RI please join the Patient Access API track (Sean Mahoney)

See the Patient Access API track for information on the specific scenarios supported

2) For those interested in testing against the CAQH Test environment continue with the FAST Directory Track (Ron Urwongse)

Role 1 Name: Federated Directory Actor

Role 2 Name: Application Query Actor


Query the Federated Directory for a specific endpoint based on the name or ID of a payer organization

Scenario Step 1 Connect to Federated Directory API endpoint

Action: Authenticate to Federated Directory Endpoint

Success Criteria:  ability to access a Federated Directory API 

Scenario Step 2 Query for endpoint information for a specific Payer

Action: RESTful GET of endpoint information for a specific Payer organization

Success Criteria:  ability to return endpoint information for a specific payer organization