Short Description

This track will focus on testing the use of existing US Core compliant FHIR servers as a source for quality reporting data. We will focus testing on one CMS eCQM and one HEDIS measure, and will provide participants with FHIR Bundles containing all test data. Participants playing the Clinical Data Repository role would be expected to be able to load the test data and expose that data on a single, open FHIR endpoint conforming to US Core 3.1.1.

Long Description

Test the following 2022 Reporting CMS/HEDIS Measures for FHIR R4:

  • Eligible Clinician (EC) Measures
    CMS125v10: Breast Cancer Screening (also health plan level BCSE HEDIS measure-BCSEMY2022)
    CMS130v11: Colorectal Cancer Screening

  1. Gather: The Reporting System queries the Clinical Data Repository for the data required to evaluate the measure
  2. Evaluate: The Reporting System evaluates the quality measure, producing a MeasureReport resource
  3. Report: The Reporting System posts the completed MeasureReport to the Receiving System


Test an Implementation Guide

Track Lead(s)

Bryn Rhodes 

Track Lead Email(s)

Specification Information

Implementation Guides:

Call for Participants

Bellese Technologies
Dynamic Health IT
Indicina, LLC
iParsimony, LLC
Lantana Consulting Group
NLM (Value Set Authority Center)
Patient Centric Solutions 
PJM Consulting, LLC
The Joint Commission
The MITRE Corporation

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Track Implementers Connection Call

Wednesday, June 15th at 10 AM ET (Implementers Connection Call)

Wednesday, June 29th at 10 AM ET (Planning/Working Session)

Connectathon Artifacts

Testing Scenario

System roles:

  • Knowledge Repository
  • Terminology Server
  • Clinical Data Repository
  • Reporting System
  • Receiving System

Scenarios (Exam125FHIR and Exam130FHIR)

Individual and Summary Measure Report

Action: The reporting system uses data requirements from the knowledge repository and value sets from the terminology server to construct and issue FHIR queries against the clinical data repository to retrieve the data of interest for the measure and subject(s).

Action: The reporting system posts data gathered from the clinical data repository to the receiving system.

Action: The reporting system issues an $evaluate-measure  to the receiving system to calculate the measure and displays the results.

Precondition: The knowledge repository has measure and library resources loaded. The terminology server has value sets loaded. The clinical data repository has patient information loaded.

Measure content: Exam125FHIR Exam130FHIR

Test data: Exam125FHIR Exam130FHIR

Success Criteria:  The reporting system displays expected results for the selected measure and subject.

Bonus point: The reporting system displays expected population results for all test patients

Security and Privacy Considerations:

This track will use all synthetic data and open FHIR endpoints.