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Scope of coverage

As the AppointmentResponse resource is directly related to the Appointment Resource it provides the accountability and transparency of the overall appointment.

The scope of the appointment response includes:

  • The acceptance status of the response
  • the reference to the appointment
  • which entity that is responding to the appointment request
  • the details that the participant accepts (or wants to accept)
  • any additional notes that the participant wants to provide with respect to the response

RIM scope

Act(ActMood = actMoodAppointmentRequest or actMoodAppointment) Note: This relationship is through the interaction rather than the RIM.

Resource appropriateness

This resource is required to be able to communicate the distinct responses to appointment requests.

Note: The existing iCal Standard also has this concept covered in it's basic structure.

Expected implementations

This resource is expected to be implemented by community clinics, general practice and specialist's appointment scheduling systems to reply to appointment requests.

Content sources

The appointment response resource has a lot of similarities with the iCal standard and a mapping to this standard will be expected.

Example Scenarios

An appointment has been requested for a physician, room (location) and the patient to meet. A response will be created for each of these participants indicating their acceptance status. Once all participants have responded the overall status of the appointment can be processed and updated.

Resource Relationships

The AppointmentResponse Resource references the Appointment Resource (related to a specified participant), where the Appointment is in a pending state.


Given the progress to date, we expect that this resource will be ready for inclusion in the next Ballot (expecting September 2014) the resource has already undergone a great deal of review in PA over the last 6 months.

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