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Scope of coverage

An alert is a prospective warnings of things that should be taken notice of when providing care to the patient. They are intended to be displayed to a clinician at the point of providing care, but can be available at other times also. The content of the alert can be anything that is of relevance both clinical and non-clinical. For example "Patient has a big dog at home" is as relevant as "Brittle asthmatic, treat aggressively". Alerts may duplicate information captured in other resources - AllergyIntolerance, Observation, Problem, Procedure, etc. The purpose is to flag key information for immediate and/or continuous display to healthcare providers. Detailed information should be captured using the appropriate other resource. For example, in the asthmatic example the clinical content would also be a note against the Problem resource - the purpose of the alert is to ensure that the clinician is aware of it at all times.

RIM scope

Observation[classCode=ALRT, moodCode=EVN]

Resource appropriateness

The alert is a well understood concept, particularly in EMR and EHR systems as it ensures that users are made aware of important information about a patient.

Expected implementations

Any PMS system will likely implement an alerting system. In CCDA, Alerts are grouped with allergies and adverse reactions and so an alert would appear in that section of a CCDA document. However FHIR treats them as a separate resource due to the non-clinical nature of many of the instances.

Content sources

Existing PMS systems, CCDA, openEHR

Example Scenarios

  • Record administrative alerts - non payer, drug seeker
  • Clinical alerts - brittle asthmatic
  • Management alerts - patient is a clinician

Resource Relationships

An alert is linked to the patient resource as the subject of the alert, and to a practitioner, patient or device resource as the author of the resource.


Expected to be balloted DSTU in September 2013

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  • Added clarification about the specific scope differences between Alerts and things like Problem, AllergyIntolerance, AdverseReaction, Observation, etc. We need to clearly define where one ends and the other begins.