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Owning committee name

Patient Administration

Contributing or Reviewing Work Groups

Financial Management

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID

Project Insight? 1102 (Account is not part of this project as yet)


Scope of coverage

The Account resource is used to track patient billing accounts.

It is not intended to be constrained to just a patient, but all types of accounts in a financial sense used in healthcare.

It does not cover the actual transactions, just balances, insurance coverage (via reference), currency and status.

RIM scope

FIAB_RM010000UV02 (Patient Account Event)

Resource appropriateness

Tracking Financial information is vital in Patient Administration and Finance systems in most Healthcare Organizations. This resource provides the base point to track.

Expected implementations

  • Any solution that requires tracking billing information

Content sources

Existing normative V3 and V2 specifications

Example Scenarios

  • Tracking Balances for Patient Accounts in a General Practice Clinic or Hospital
  • Tracking Funding between a govt. funded project and an Organization
  • Tracking Funding between 2 Organizations where services are provided by one org to another

Resource Relationships


Potentially used by (need to determine resource)

  • Insurer/Coverage
  • Guarantor

The Account will be referenced by:

  • Encounter
  • EpisodeOfCare
  • BillableItem (future resource)
  • HealthcareService
  • Device


We have built a draft placeholder for this resource, and working with the Finance WG to refine it during the 2.1/3.0 timeline.

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