Short Description

This track will test the sharing of combined FHIR MeasureReport resource(s) between a submitter (e.g. healthcare provider/EHR) and a recipient (e.g. PHA/STLT) for a set of priority measures for Public Health (e.g., bed counts, staffing levels, availability of supplies, and other aggregate measures).  

Long Description

Track Goals:

Document reusable Measure definitions and make them available for a data source to generate a Measure and MeasureReport

PHAs - identify a MeasureReport's Measure definitions (specifications) using the reusable Measure definitions.  More that one Measure in a MeasureReport

Test and report against producing the MeasureReports and sharing them with PHAs


Test Implementation Guides

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Helios Align & Optimize Framework

Call for participants

State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Public Health Authorities

Health Information Technology Partners

Electronic Health Record (EHR) 

Track Prerequisites

The data source will generate a combined FHIR MeasureReport Resource with multiple measures and data ideally via native FHIR or via CSV to FHIR conversion

Track Lead(s)

Forrest White

Craig Newman

Track Lead Email(s);

Specification Information



US Core 3.1.1 or 4.0.0

QI Core

Measure FHIR IG (R4 vs. R5)


CQF Ruler

Clinical Reasoning Framework

Zulip stream

Track Kick off Call

Track Participants

Oracle Cerner

Washington Department of Health

University of Washington 

Audacious Inquiry



Point of Care Partners

We are actively recruiting other interested Health Information Technology (HIT), Electronic Health Record (EHR), and Public Health Authorities (PHA) for participation in this Connectathon!  There are no membership fees for participating in Helios.  If interested please contact us at 

Testing Scenario:

Data Source (e.g. Oracle Cerner)

System roles:

Lookup Measure definitions (specifications) for a set of measures desired by a PHA from the reusable measure definition library (e.g. Github, Confluence page. TBD)

Generate the desired Measures and MeasureReport(s) to be shared with PHA(s) 

Data Receiver (e.g. Washington Department of Health)

System roles: 

Receive combined MeasureReport containing multiple Measures of interest

Success Criteria: 

Track Outcome Considerations

Defining Measures with varying Subject types - e.g. patients, devices, encounters, etc.
Defining Measures - simple, complex, with calculations, for a reusable Measure definitions library
Where is data for the Measures found? e.g EHR, inventory systems, etc.  What are challenges in accessing the data?
Test how to combine CSV and FHIR measures into one combined MeasureReport for a particular PHA
Start with a set of reusable Measures from two or more PHAs and try to get them all collected and combined into a single MeasureReport resource.
What are the gaps or problems getting the data?  Are gaps IG related, source related, data format related, etc.?
Reusable Measure Definitions Library - source of truth, where can it be found/hosted? 
Test measure definitions (specifications) to show how measures are reused

Report-Out Results from Connectathon ActivitiesHL7 Report-Out - See: Helios Aggregate Data Track