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Test the Da Vinci Value-Based Performance Reporting IG

Long Description

Test the profiles and extensions specified in the Da Vinci Value-Based Performance Reporting Implementation Guide


Test the implementation guide

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Track Prerequisites

Interests in value-based performance reporting

Read the IG specifications

Create an account with Touchstone for testing using Touchstone test scripts 

Track Lead(s)

David DeGandi, Semira Singh

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Specification Information

Implementation Guide:

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Track Kick off Call

Recording: Kick off Call April 24, 2023

SlidesVBPR_May2023 Connectathon Track Kickoff_04242023.pdf

2pm - 3pm ET, Monday, April 24th at the Da Vinci Value-Based Performance Reporting weekly call

System Roles



Testing Scenario:

Scenario: Testing the MeasureReport and Measure Profiles


  • Create test data (in Json) for example reports
  • Validate test data against the profiles (using the Touchstone test scripts)
  • Detect any issues with the profiles

Examples to support business scenarios such as:

  • report that includes several payment streams (financial and quality)
  • report with utilization performance
  • report with stratifications on performance metrics
  • report only has the performance on quality measures

Success Criteria:

  • Document identified issues with the profiles
  • Produce a number of variety test data for the IG


VBPR Test Scripts:


If your organization intends to bring technology to this connectathon, please add yourself to this list and comment on each component. 

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Do you have example value-based performance reports from your organization to share? (the example reports could be in a format such as spreadsheet, screenshot ...)