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Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI) Laboratory Observation Sub-types

Long Description

The Clinical Information Modeling Initiative has created an implementation guide for laboratory data with FHIR profiles specific to laboratory sub-types, quantitative, ordinal, nominal, titer, document, and narrative.  In this connectathon we'll introduce the IG and the profiles for testing.


A) Test of a FHIR implementation guide and FHIr profiles
B) Provide information and education about the implementation guide

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Call for participants

Laboratory information systems developers/managers, anyone interested in standardizing laboratory data.

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Nathan Davis

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Specification Information

The CI build can be found at  The IG is being developed and is subject to periodic change.
The track kick-off meeting is in the planning stages.  This page will be updated when the meeting date/time is finalized.

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Track Kick off Call


Testing Scenario:

System roles:

Sending system using FHIR R4 sending and receiving laboratory data.

Will create a FHIR server with needed profiles.

Role 1 Name: System Read

Scenarios: Systems will read data from server

Action:  Using provided patient ID(s), systems will retrieve laboratory data that conform to the profiles in the IG.

Precondition: server with patient lab data.

Success Criteria:  successful return of lab data.

Bonus point:  System is able to successfully post new patient data that conform to the IG profiles.


Security and Privacy Considerations:

data will be de-identified and server will be on a public host, most likely the Logica Sandbox.