Short Description

Sequel to the TestScript track at Connectathon 31. Goal is to advance FHIR Testing, the use of FHIR TestScript, and interoperable testing tools.

Long Description

Explore how the FHIR Testing Framework (TestScript) is being used, as well as FHIR testing tools that do not use the FHIR TestScript resource. 

The FHIR specification includes a Testing Framework that defines a Test Execution Engine and the TestScript resource for use in validating and verifying that FHIR implementations (client and/or server) are conformant to the FHIR specification. The inclusion of TestScript in the FHIR specification as a first-class resource reflects the community's experience that the management and proper use of testing are fundamental to effective, interoperable data exchange.

As the proliferation of FHIR implementations expands beyond Health IT early adopters, we are seeing a proliferation of FHIR testing tools and approaches. It is more important to promote FHIR testing and interoperability between testing approaches so that FHIR implementation testing can proliferate along with the community.

A focus of this track will be to continue defining an "interoperability framework" for FHIR testing tools.

We expect track participants to come away with a better appreciation of: 

  1. FHIR Testing and its benefits to improve FHIR implementations.
  2. Implementation and implementer experience with the FHIR Testing Framework and TestScript at scale
  3. The various FHIR testing approaches currently available.
  4. How to make FHIR testing tools interoperable.
  5. Ideas for demonstrating FHIR testing interoperability at the next Connectathon.



  • FHIR Testing with TestScript, a first-class FHIR resource;
  • Testing engine interoperability;
  • Lessons learned from FHIR testing at scale.

Related Tracks?

All tracks that have an ImplementationGuide (of any stage, helps to have CapabilityStatement(s), profiles, and examples)

Call for participants

Vendors, implementors, and government interested in FHIR testing and making testing easier, accessible, scalable, and effective

Track Prerequisites


Track Lead(s)

Richard Ettema (primary), Jeff Helman, Joe Lamy

Track Lead Email(s);;

Specification Information

FHIR Testing Framework: (Current Build); (FHIR R4B)
TestScript Resource: (Current Build); (FHIR R4B)
TestReport Resource: (Current Build); (FHIR R4B)

Zulip stream

Track Kick off Call

Call recording:  TestScript FHIR Testing track kickoff.mp4

Slide deck:       

System Roles

  • ImplementationGuide authors (from other tracks also) who want to test their systems and learn about testing
  • Testing Systems, including TestScript generators and tooling, and execution engines

Testing Scenario:

TestScript tools: editors, generators, engines, etc.


  • Generated TestScripts
  • TestScripts from the Spec
  • Hand-written TestScripts
  • Bring your own TestScriptBYOTS

Security and Privacy Considerations:

  •  One item of interest is TestScript for Tiered OAuth


  • TestScript Generator (input is an ImplementationGuide), we plan to execute it with various implementation guides and other tracks.
  • TestScript Engine (command line only). We plan to execute TestScripts we generated, or TestScripts that AEGIS has generated (either by hand or using your FSH tooling or any other method).
  • Mario has indicated that he wanted to test through the Touchstone proxy server and load in TestScripts for that.
  • Talk about direction and roadmaps (I suppose that can be the breakout)
  • What is on your list?
Breakout Session: