Short Description

Test imaging-related resources and implementation guides.

Long Description

The objectives of this track are:


Test an Implementation Guide and associated resources

Track Prerequisites

The focus of this track is the interaction between imaging systems and the EMR. Track participants should be familiar with at least some of:

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Imaging systems, imaging AI systems

Zulip stream

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Testing Scenario:

System roles

Role 1 Name: Imaging Result Creator

  • Create and store imaging Observation resources
    • Extracted from a DICOM measurement report
  • (Optional) Create and store DICOM images and / or structured reports

Role 2 Name: PACS / VNA / Enterprise Imaging Repository (Archive)

  • Host a DICOMweb endpoint to find and retrieve images
  • (Optional) Host ImagingSelection resources

Role 3 Name: EMR

  • Host Observation resources
  • (Optional) Host ImagingSelection resources
  • Host FHIR endpoint for image-related resources

Role 4 Name: Enterprise Image Viewer (Viewer)

  • Can search FHIR / DICOMweb endpoints for ImagingSelection and related resources
  • Can retrieve and display image instances and related resources

Scenario: DICOM SR to FHIR Resource Mapping IG

  1. Action: Imaging Result Creator stores imaging observations in EMR / Archive
    • Precondition: Imaging observations created according to IG
    • Success Criteria: DICOM SR content stored as FHIR observations
    • Bonus Point: Associated ImagingSelection resources are created
    • Test Scripts: To be created
  2. Action: EMR / Viewer displays imaging observations 
    • Success Criteria: EMR / Viewer displays imaging observations
    • Bonus point: imaging observations displayed alongside associated ImagingStudy
    • Test Script: DicomSrMappingCollection.xml (test diagram here)
  3. Action: Imaging Result Creator stores a DICOM TID1500 Measurement Report using DICOMweb
    • Success Criteria: Observations are created and stored in accordance with DICOM SR to FHIR Resource Mapping IG
    • Test Scripts: To be created

Scenario: ImagingSelection Resource Usage

  1. Action: Enterprise Image Viewer finds and retrieves ImagingSelection resource instances
    • Precondition: ImagingSelection resources created and stored in Archive
    • Success Criteria: ImagingSelection resources queried
    • Success Criteria: ImagingSelection resources found
    • Test Scripts: To be created
  2. Action: Enterprise Image Viewer loads selected instances
    • Precondition: ImagingSelection contains a valid DICOMweb endpoint that corresponds to a participating Archive
    • Success Criteria: The Viewer requests the images from a DICOMweb Endpoint in the ImagingSelection and then displays them
    • Test Scripts: To be created

Security and Privacy Considerations:

  • Mutual TLS is recommended but not required