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Short Description

Progress validation of v2-to-FHIR mappings and mapping tools

Long Description

Progress validation of v2-to-FHIR mappings and mapping tools to prepare for a mid-2021 Publication, as well as review use cases using transformation.


  • Wednesday
    • Overall Kickoff: 16:00-17:00PT/18:00-19:00CT/19:00-20:00ET/00:00-01:00GMT/01:00-02:00CET/11:00-12:00AEST
    • Team: 17:00-18:00PT/19:00-20:00CT/20:00-21:00ET/01:00-02:00GMT/02:00-03:00CET/07:30-08:30IST/12:00-13:00AEST
  • Thursday
    • Team: 07:00-08:00PT/09:00-10:00CT/10:00-11:00ET/15:00-16:00GMT/16:00-17:00CET/19:30-20:30IST/02:00-03:00AEST
    • Team: 10:30-11:30PT/12:30-13:30CT/13:30-14:30ET/18:30-19:30GMT/19:30-20:30CET/23:00-00:00IST/05:30-06:30AEST
      • SIU Walkthrough
    • Team: 14:00-15:00PT/16:00-17:00CT/17:00-18:00ET/22:00-23:00GMT/23:00-00:00CET/04:30-05:30IST/08:00-09:0AEST
      • ORU Walkthrough
    • Team: 17:00-18:00PT/19:00-18:00CT/20:00-21:00ET/23:00-24:00BST/02:00-03:00CET/10:00-11:00AEST
  • Friday
    • Team: 07:00-08:00PT/09:00-10:00CT/10:00-11:00ET/15:00-16:00GMT/16:00-17:00CET/19:30-20:30IST/02:00-03:00AEST
      • SIU Walktrhough
    • Team: 14:00-15:00PT/16:00-17:00CT/17:00-18:00ET/22:00-23:00GMT/23:00-00:00CET/04:30-05:30IST/08:00-09:0AEST
    • Connectathon Highlights: 15:00-15:15 PT
    • Overall Closing: 16:00-17:00PT/18:00-19:00CT/19:00-20:00ET/00:00-01:00GMT/01:00-02:00CET/11:00-12:00AEST


Validation v2-to-FHIR mappings and mapping tools

Submitting Work Group/Project/Accelerator/Affiliate/Implementer Group  

Orders & Observations - v2-to-FHIR Project Team

Proposed Track Lead

Hans Buitendijk -

Craig Newman -

Related Tracks

FHIR Version


Specification(s) this track uses

Artifacts of focus

Clinical input requested (if any)

Patient input requested (if any)

Expected participants

Zulip stream

Track Orientation Date

December 15, 2020

Track Orientation Details

Track Details

System Roles

  • Editor - HL7 volunteers/support staff to maintain the mappings
  • Publisher - v2+, FHIR, and other venues to publish the content
  • Integration Engines - consuming mappings to pre-populate their tools
  • Tooling developers writing software to automate the mapping process.


Primary scenario is to provide end-to-end mapping of an ADT^A01, ORM_O01, OML_O21, ORU_R01, and VXU_V04 messages according to the latest definitions here.

ADD Servers available


Sample v2 messages/segments/fields to use:


  • Input v2 test message into mapper
    • Qualifications:
      • Test message with all FHIR mandatory attributes valued,
      • Test messages with v2 optional fields not valued where FHIR needs them
      • Test messages with v2 fields with cardinality greater than FHIR
      • Test messages with v2 fully loaded
      • Test messages with real-world content
  • Perform the mapping
  • Generate a FHIR Bundle for a FHIR message
  • Analyze the mapping errors  and FHIR message output.
    • Validator/Quality review
  • Validate the FHIR message per FHIR
    • E.g., on Logica
  • Sharing output
    • Review output from various mapping tools for understanding and validation.

Any FHIR Bundles that are considered sufficiently complete and clean per the mapping guidance will become part of the example library putting v2 and FHIR messages next to each other.

Consider that proposed extensions are not yet available (not a roadblock).