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Table of Contents

Submitting Work Group

Public Health Work Group (PHWG)

Communication Channels

Justification and Objectives

Public health includes a number of use cases involving the exchange of information between Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in clinical care and governmental Public Health Agencies (PHAs) or other extra-clinical organizations. The use cases differ, but they frequently have a number of common design elements as well. A major point of emphasis is seeing that these common design elements are broadly shared to minimize divergent requests of clinical care and minimize provider burden. Some participant use cases have FHIR ballots in development or in-process that they seek to test with partners. Other participants will focus on fleshing out technical elements of a common framework for reporting from EHRs.

In this Connectathon, the public health track will include several scenarios (scenario lead):

FHIR Versions

4.0.1,  3.0.1, and 2.X

Clinical input requested

Clinical participation is always sought and welcome in the Public Health Track

Related tracks

To be determined

Public Health Track Leads

John Loonsk (

Sarah Gaunt (

Cindy Bush (

Rick Geimer (

David Pyke (

Expected participants

Specific participant lists are still developing, but previous participants in this track have included:

  • Association of Public Health Laboratories
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    • Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services
  • California Department of Public Health
  • Carradora
  • District of Columbia Department of Health
  • Dynamic Content Group
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Hi3 Solutions
  • Lantana Consulting Group
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems
  • New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration
  • New York State Department of Health
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Utah Department of Health


Report Out


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