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Financial Management WG / DaVinci

Track Resources

General CMS Connectathon Participant Information:

Justification and Objectives

This project defines a FHIR interface to a directory of a health insurer’s in-network providers and pharmacies for patients/consumers. The PDEX Plan-Net Implementation Guide was recently ballotted for STU and comments are currently being addressed and resolved.

Note: The Connectathon will use the STU1 ballot version of the IG, not the Continuous Integration build.

The objectives of the hackathon are:

  • Test and gather feedback on the design and implementation feasibility of the PDEX Plan-Net model and its FHIR Implementation Guide to drive ballot reconciliation.
  • Identify areas of improvement and expansion of the PDEX Plan-Net model to future use cases.
  • Foster mindshare and innovation ideas on potential applications using the PDEX Plan-Net

This track will use the R4 version of FHIR.

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Proposed Track Lead

Saul Kravitz (

David Hill  (

Participants: (Please add your name/organization)

Steve Munini(

Kristin Ashby (

Track Orientation

The track kickoff presentation from 11/15 can be seen here:

Zulip Channel:

System Roles

Local Requester (Client)

An application that can query a FHIR server implementing the Plan-net IG in support of provider or consumer use cases.

Available Clients

Payer Directory (aka Plan-net) (Server)

A server that makes provider data available.

Available Servers

Reference Implementation:

  • Authentication/Authorization:  none
  • This is a HAPI server with an interceptor that supports the 'near' query on Location resources.
  • The dataset is an extended version of relevant data from the VhDir demo implementation that includes pharmacies.

IBM FHIR Server:

Helios FHIR Server:


Touchstone Tests for 4-0-1 are found at: Touchstone_DaVinci_PDex_PlanNet_Scripts

Please create a Touchstone user account (free) associated to the DaVinci organization if you have not already in order to run your systems through the test scripts.

Please contact with any Touchstone testing questions.

Security and Privacy Considerations

No security or privacy considerations.   Data is not patient-related.

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