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Track overview


11:00am ET - Implementation-a-Thon Kick-off

11:30am ET - FHIR Beginner Track Commences

12:45-1:15pm ET - Flex Break

3:15pm ET- Track Wrap-up

3:30-5:00pm ET - Implementation-a-Thon Wrap-up

Short Description

This track will help beginners learn how to create and connect basic FHIR resources and utilize FHIR RESTful operations using the FHIR client.

Long Description

Participants will be using the client in a hands-on activity. Participants should have a basic understanding and ability to read FHIR resource definitions including:

Participants will

  • Examine FHIR resource instances in detail and correlate the the FHIR Specifications
  • Create actual FHIR instance data including coded terminology
  • Create FHIR resources using the US-Core FHIR profiles
  • Exercise FHIR RESTful queries


  • Educate on the use of a FHIR technology

Instructive Slides

Proposed Track Lead

Viet Nguyen

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