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FHIR Connectathon Attendees

The table below provides the Zoom information for each FHIR Connectathon Track.

Track Leaders

  • Via, sign in with your track’s Zoom Email Address (User ID) and the password that was sent to you earlier this week.

  • Once logged into Zoom, to start a meeting:

Click Host a Meeting > With Video On or Off (depending on whether you want people to be able to show their face during the session)
- OR -
Click Meetings on the left menu > Personal Meeting Room > Start Meeting
(this will start a Zoom meeting with the same Meeting ID listed below for your Track)

Cheat Sheet - How To Host A Zoom Session For the FHIR Connectathon Accounts

Track NameZoom Meeting LinkPersonal Meeting Room ID

Track Leaders: 
Zoom Email Address (User ID)

Bulk Data Track 454
CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CARIN Blue Button) 079
CDS Hooks Track 877
Clinical Reasoning 438
Collaborative Care in Ophthalmology 812
COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator (and Evidence-Based Medicine) 571
Care Coordination Track 773
Cross Organization Application Access 458
Da Vinci CRD/DTR/ PAS 599
Da Vinci Gaps in Care 777
Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange (PDex) Track 945
DaVinci PDex Drug Formulary

597 687 0317

431 689 7849
DaVinci PDex Plan-Net 689
DaVinci Payer Coverage Decision Exchange (PCDE) (for Task breakout discussions) (for $member-match discussions)

966 174 9588

277 945 8846
DaVinci Notifications 876
DaVinci Risk Based Contracts Member Attribution List

797 531 4074
Dental Data Exchange 558
FHIRcast track 827
FHIR Mapping Language Track 684
FHIR Shorthand Track 322
Genomics 611
Gravity SDOH-CC Track 768
Order Catalog Track 619
PACIO-eLTSS Post-Acute Care Transition Summary 303
Post-Acute FHIR based Order/Referral 934
Public Health Track 863
Questionnaire 282
Security Labeling Track 670
sIRB 919
Situation Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response 832
Specialty Medication Prescribing 654
Subscriptions Track 563
Terminology Services Track 772
v2-to-FHIR 553
Vital Signs FHIR IG Testing 768

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  1. Please note that because of a shared sub-scenario to test $member-match, PDex and PCDE will be combining tracks so PCDE participants will be using the PDex Zoom link: