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FHIR Shorthand (FSH) is an author-friendly language for defining the content of IGs, including profiles, extensions, value sets, examples, and search parameters. As a purpose-designed language, FSH is concise, easy to understand, and aligned to user intentions. SUSHI is a reference implementation of a FSH-language compiler.

Participants in this track are invited to bring their existing or in-progress implementation guide and try out FSH. Participants will learn more about FSH, help debug the reference implementation, and share suggestions for future development.

The Shorthand/SUSHI Team and Your Hosts:

Mark Kramer,

Chris Moesel,

Nick Freiter,

Julia Afeltra,

Mint Thompson,


Tentative Schedule (All times US Eastern Time Zone)

We meet on Zoom – link can be found here: 2020-05 Zoom Info for Each Track.

ZULIP Stream:

Wednesday, May 13 –  4:00 PM  General Introduction


Wednesday, May 13 –  5:00 PM  FHIR Shorthand Track Orientation

Our zoom room isn't open until tomorrow morning!


(May be repeated or time-shifted depending on participant time zone)

Thursday, May 14

  • 9:00 AM ET: Intro to FHIR
  • 10:00 AM ET: Beginning FHIR Shorthand*
  • 11:00 AM ET: FHIR Testing & Tools
  • 1:00 PM ET: Advanced FHIR Shorthand*
  • 3:00 PM ET: SUSHI & IG Publisher Integration*

* Repeat on Friday as needed


Details of FSH and SUSHI can be found here.

This track will use FHIR R4.

Track Lead

Mark Kramer,

Expected participants

Sign up, please, so we can anticipate the number of participants:

NameOrganization IG you will be working onTime Zone Zulip User Name
David HayPrivate consultantSushi / IG publisher integrationNZ
NMDP/CIBMTRGenomics Reporting / HLA ReportingCDT (GMT-5)Bob Milius (
John MoehrkeByLightIHE use of FSH for publication of IHE authored IGCDTjohnmoehrke
Olivia Bellamou-HuetPhilips
CETOlivia Bellamou-Huet (
Kurt AllenEir SolutionsBreast Radiology STU2CSTKurt Allen
Jean DuteauPrivate consultantHL7 Pharmacy Medication List Guidance

Jean Duteau (

Brett MarquardWaveone

US Medication IG

Understand using FSH for existing/future Guides

EDTBrett Marquard
Ivan S. ZapreevPhilips
CETDr. Ivan S. Zapreev (
Tim DunningtonHCAFish/Sushi for DSTU2CST

Tim Dunnington


Abdullah RafiqiESAC Inc

Abdullah Rafiqi


Firely-CESTWard Weistra (

System Roles

This track emphasizes modeling and profiling. The relevant role is "Implementation Guide Creator".

Scenario 1: Translate an existing IG

Action: IG Creator translates profiles from an existing IG into FHIR Shorthand, to create a more maintainable form of the IG.

Precondition: Existing IG to translate.

Success Criteria: Existing IG reproduced with source expressed as FHIR Shorthand.

Bonus point: Put FSH files until source code control. Profiles generated by FSH validated using FHIR validator.

Scenario 2: Create a new IG

Action: IG Creator creates profiles and examples for a new IG.

Precondition: Clinical information model to express as FHIR profiles.

Success Criteria: Draft version of IG produced.

Bonus point: Create examples for each profile.

Test Script(s)

A combination of three tools: SUSHI (the reference implementation of FHIR Shorthand compiler) provides initial validation; the HL7 FHIR IG Publisher also provides validation or the generated artifacts and IG content; the FHIR validator can also be used to determine the validity of examples.

Security and Privacy Considerations


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