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FHIR Infrastructure

Justification and Objectives

The FHIR Mapping Language has recently seen an increasing adoption rate across a broad range of projects. Additional to the official Java implementation, third-party implementation are now available. Due to the relatively low maturity level of this part of the specification, it is expected that tooling still differs in the supported feature and interpretation of the standard. The main purpose of this connectathon track are:

  • Complete the tutorial for the FHIR Mapping Language and adjust it to the newest language features
  • Test the interoperability of StructureMaps generated by different tooling
  • Discuss language limitations seen in different projects

This track will use what version of FHIR.


Clinical input requested (if any)

No clinical input needed.

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FHIR Shorthand Track

Proposed Track Lead

Alexander Zautke,

Expected participants

Expected are 5-10 participants

Track Orientation

A webinar will be hosted on date at time to share further participation information about this track.

System Roles

This tracks enables participants to create mapping clients as well as to test different mapping servers. Both roles are equally relevant to the success of the track.

Knowledge of the FHIR Mapping Language would be helpful to start with testing different mapping servers, however an introduction in the language itself may be offered if needed.


Scenario Step 1: Test the FHIR Mapping Tutorial

Action: Choose an available mapping server and follow the FHIR Mapping Language Tutorial](

Precondition: None

Success Criteria:

  • Create StructureMaps and StructureDefinitions needed to execute the mappings described by the tutorial

Bonus point:

  • Find open questions not answered by the tutorial
  • Create a draft for sections which are marked as "TODO" in the published Tutorial

Scenario Step 2: Exchange StructureMaps between different Mapping Servers

Action: Create a StructureMap based on a mapping language file. Validate and execute the StructureMap using different mapping servers.

Precondition: None

Success Criteria:

  • Mapping files can be used to generate a StructureMap with different implementations
  • Verify the StructureMaps produced by different implementations are valid

Bonus point:

  • Create mapping files based on your own source data independent of the FHIR Mapping Language tutorial
  • Mappings can be successfully executed regardless of the mapping server being used


No TestScripts are currently available

Security and Privacy Considerations


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