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Webinar Prep

Prep-Webinar Recording -  password: v2-to-FHIR

Meetings during Connectathon

Zoom Coordinates: 

  •  Wednesday
    • Overall Kickoff: 13-14PT/16-17ET/21-22BST /22-23CET/6-7AEST
    • Team: 14-15PT/17-18ET/22-23BST/23-24CET/1:30-2:30IST/7-8AEST
  • Thursday
    • Team: 7-8PT/10-11ET/15-16BST/16-17CET/19:30-20:30IST
      • Includes overview of the v2 Message Generator.
    • Team: 14-15PT/17-18ET/22-23BST/23-24CET/7-8AEST
  • Friday
    • Team: 7-8PT/10-11ET/15-16BST/16-17CET/19:30-20:30IST
    • Team: 14-15PT/17-18ET/22-23BST/23-24CET/3:30-4:30IST/7-8AEST
    • Overall Closing: 15-16PT/18-19ET/23-24BST/4:30-5:30IST/8-9AEST

Justification and Objectives

  • Continue exploration of tools and methods to maintain and manage a v2-to-FHIR mapping that can be referenced by FHIR mapping tabs, v2+ mapping tabs, and direct query using the Google Spreadsheets created to date as input.
  • Explore APIs that enable basic v2 to FHIR mapping based on the mappings available to date.
  • Test the viability of the current mappings we have.
  • Optimize the format of the Confluence mapping pages and relate that format to another format that is machine readable (XML, ConceptMap resources, etc).
  • Discuss plans for creating and balloting an IG

This track will use what version of FHIR.

  • FHIR R4

Clinical input requested (if any)

  • None

Related tracks

  • None

Proposed Track Lead

Expected participants

Altarum: Craig Newman - Confirmed

Allscripts: Danny Wise - TBD

Audicious Inquiry: Keith Boone - TBD

CDC: Jason Hall / Megan Light

Cerner: Hans Buitendijk - confirmed

Health Intersections: Grahame Grieve

MDIX: Ken Lord, Sean Muir, Gargie Gajjar - Confirmed

Northrop: Rishi / Marcelo Caldas / Shu McGarvey

Philips: Kumar Satyam/Team - Confirmed

Redox: Benjamin Flessner / Brendan Keeler

TBX: Robert Worden - TBD

Rob Hausam - Partially

Kaiser Permanente: Scott Robertson - TBD

Google Cloud: Sajjad Hussain/Yatish Gupta/ Roman Polyanovsky - Confirmed

Microsoft Healthcare: Deepak Bansal/Jared Erwin/Moira Dillon/Ranvijay Kumar - Confirmed

Track Orientation

System Roles

  • Editor - HL7 volunteers/support staff to maintain the mappings
  • Publisher - v2+, FHIR, and other venues to publish the content
  • Integration Engines - consuming mappings to pre-populate their tools
  • Tooling developers writing software to automate the mapping process.


Primary scenario is to provide end-to-end mapping of an ADT^A01, ORM_O01, OML_O21, ORU_R01, and VXU_V04 messages according to the latest definitions here.

ADD Servers available


Sample v2 messages/segments/fields to use:

  • ADT_A01 (maybe ADT_A04, ADT_A08)
  • ORM_O01
  • OML_O21
  • ORU_R01
  • VXU_V04


  • Input v2 test message into mapper
    • Qualifications:
      • Test message with all FHIR mandatory attributes valued,
      • Test messages with v2 optional fields not valued where FHIR needs them
      • Test messages with v2 fields with cardinality greater than FHIR
      • Test messages with v2 fully loaded
      • Test messages with real-world content
  • Perform the mapping
  • Generate a FHIR Bundle for a FHIR message
  • Analyze the mapping errors  and FHIR message output.
    • Validator/Quality review
  • Validate the FHIR message per FHIR
    • E.g., on Logica
  • Sharing output
    • Next time to be discussed

Any FHIR Bundles that are considered sufficiently complete and clean per the mapping guidance will become part of the example library putting v2 and FHIR messages next to each other.

Consider that proposed extensions are not yet available (not a roadblock).

Various Helpful Links:

Security and Privacy Considerations

We will not be requiring TLS to participate.

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