Objective: Development of a scalable, easy to adopt, core security solution, using Unified Data Access Profiles (UDAP), focused on how to manage the security of millions of patient records, payers, providers and public health agencies information sharing needs at scale. Aims to provide the industry with scalable security solutions, that ensure the requestor of information using FHIR based information is appropriately authenticated and has the authorization to see the requested data. 

Project Insight Entry: 1689

Sponsoring Workgroup: Security Work Group

Zulip Channel: https://chat.fhir.org/#streams/294749/FHIR%20at%20Scale%20Taskforce%20(FAST):%20Security 

Security for Scalable Registration, Authentication, and Authorization Implementation Guide

Security for Scalable Registration, Authentication, and Authorization Reference Implementation

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2nd Tuesday of the month, 2-3pm ET

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2023 FAST Security Meeting Minutes

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Current Status

  • Reviewing text updates for unballoted update
  • Will begin process to create changes through STU2 ballot process

Project Team

Project Co-LeadEMR Direct


Project Co-LeadOptum


Connectathon Track LeadLantanaaaron.nusstein@lantanagroup.com 
RI LeadLantana


Technical DirectorAudacious Inquiry, Point Click CareDavid.Pyke@pointclickcare.com


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