TODAY - Exchange

Exchange characterized by point-to-point interfaces

Adoption trajectory is slow, expensive, and fragmented

FUTURE - Interoperability

A consistent infrastructure approach to API implementation

Consensus on implementation guides for key enablers, such as directory, security, patient matching, exchange and testing

As you consider new use cases/scenarios/items to suggest to the FAST Team, remember that FAST is focused on HL7 FHIR infrastructure. Functional use cases come from the other Accelerators.   

Therefore, the issues FAST pursues are:

  • Of common need across functional use cases
  • Focused on scaling FHIR and driving towards a national, FHIR-based, API network 
  • Enabling dynamic use of restful APIs based on FHIR (e.g., NOT a point-to-point project for every partner relationship)

New Use Case suggestions should be: 

  • scaling or non-functional FHIR enablers that we ALL deal with when implementing FHIR
  • not differentiating for any particular entity.....we all need it

Note that there might be certain use cases that have both a functional and infrastructure component.  For example, Consent could be considered functional in specific scenarios, but determining how it's handled consistently in the FHIR architecture may make sense to handle in FAST.

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