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Welcome to the Accelerator Home page!

This is the place to find information about the Accelerator Program.

Nothing is more confusing than listening to a conversation that is using language you do not understand. HL7 is a acronym rich environment, even the name HL7 is an acronym! Many of the acronyms at HL7 are designed to be pronounceable, take FHIR as an example. Listening in on a conversation at HL7 seems very complicated even if they are speaking in english, the language that has been established as the default for debate at all events. For that reason, we recommend printing out the HL7 Glossary of terms. Many people new to HL7 keep a copy of the terms beside them as they are on conference calls as a reference until they are familiar with the terms. 

To the right of the screen are some quick links to help you get started. The first item you might start with is Understanding the Standard Process. After that, you might take a look at FHIR Implementation Guide Process Flow . Then take a look at the FHIR Accelerator High-Level Explanation.

New FHIR Accelerator Space!

This is a good place for general information!

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