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Micky TripathiArgonautx
Evelyn GallegoGravity
Jocelyn KeeganDa Vincix
Viet NguyenDa VIncix
Steve BrattCodexx
Carmela CoudercCodex
Ryan HowellsCARIN Alliancex
Wayne KubickHL7 CTOx
Chuck JaffeHL7 CEOx
Karen van HentenryckHL7x
Austin KreislerHL7 - TSC Chairx
Melva PetersHL7x


  • Accelerator implementation event
  • Vulcan
  • PSS process review and update on Accelerator Project Plans
  • Request for 1-2 pager description of HL7 for Accelerators
  • AOB

Meeting Notes

  • FHIR Accelerator implementation event mid August - Viet
    • Monday Aug 17 afternoon through afternoon August 19
    • start early afternoon Eastern
      • Welcome
      • Keynote from CMS Speaker - Patient Access API
      • 30 minute session with Ryan, Jocelyn and Viet - present coordinated messaging around patient access API and address lack of understanding
      • basic FHIR tutorial - 1 hour - Viet
      • Argonaut IG - Brett
    • Tuesday
      • series of 1 hour sessions - Viet will create a template for each 
        • various daVinci and CARIN IGs - related to patient access API
        • security/provenance
        • testing
    • Wednesday - Implementation day
      • Beginner track including use of ClinFHIR to do some API call
      • normal connectathon like tracks for other IGs
        • leads will talk about reference implementations that are available
    • will take all levels of participants and bring them up to speed as quickly as possible
    • Registration will be open soon, but need to get the landing page
    • Charles meeting with CMS to help with funding later this week
    • Primary community is payers, but also CARIN community
      • those enabling and using patient access APIs
    • Need to find ways and places to promote and advertise
      • Ryan will help with advertising and promoting
    • will create some content/material that can be used for other audiences that HL7 can use to deliver
  • New Accelerators
    •  Vulcan
      • focus on research - to leverage FHIR for critical use cases supporting research
      • uniform
      • SOU - has been approved by everyone except FDA legal services
        • Mary Slack is supportive and has turned it over for regulatory approval
      • expect role out shortly
      • participants will sign a single SOU - there will not be multiple SOUs
      • press release is planned once SOU signed by stakeholders
      • Use Cases for Vulcan - when originally announced, there were about 12 use cases
        • 3 primary 
          • repurposing EHR data coming from FHIR APIs for research purposes - primary
          • scheduling activities related to research protocol
          • translational pheno packets into EHRs
        • Another ~12 use cases are still being evaluated for possible future use, including entry of or corrections to patient-direct data.
      • lots of opportunities and overlap with existing work
      • Need to get stakeholders up to date with existing IGs and profiles
    • CDC - still in the works, but taking a long time
      • Chuck unsure where this stands at the present time
  • PSS process review and update on Accelerator Project Plans
    • Project Proposals - Project Proposals Home
      • want Accelerators to submit Project Proposals
    • PSS Workflow
      • working to simplify the current PSS
      • hope to roll out in August
      • Will be consensus review rather than approvals except for sponsoring WG and TSC
    • Shortening of the timelines for PSS submission
      • Ideally this will happen, but for now will remain the same
    • Program Plans
    • Tooling initiatives - expect both in the next couple of months
      • profile comparisons between US core and FHIR IGs - conflicts and incompatibilities
        • draft tooling
        • user interface needs to be worked on
        • testing needed
      • FHIR Registry - new release
        • help to identify individual profiles in FHIR IGs
        • more advanced searching capabilities
    • US Realm mandate - if not using US Core profile - they want to know why
      • process is to get a waiver to deviate from US Core
  • Request for 1-2 pager description of HL7 for Accelerators
    • Yes, this would be useful for Accelerators
    • HL7
    • Power of FHIR - Power of building IGs on top of FHIR
    • What can we put into 2 pager - that would covert stakeholder into an HL7 Member
    • Roadmap - why contributing to standards body is important
    • Lloyd's material - add to Accelerator space
    • rebranding Accelerator Space
  • ONC funded project
    • develop fact sheets 17-18 - on FHIR
    • drafts just about completed - expect them to be available shortly 
    • will be posted on ONC website
    • will link from HL7 space
  • FHIR Survey
    • working on survey - use and implementation of FHIR
    • expect to be released in next month or so
  • Future topic
    • standard reports for Accelerators
    • role of implementer community in standards process
    • membership in multiple Accelerators and HL7
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