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Workgroup Health

  • We want to know what tools you use.
  • Have you moved all your content from GForge SVN (Artifacts) to HL7 Github?
  • Do you maintain HL7 artifacts in other resources not maintained by HL7?
    • If so, where do they reside?
    • Is there a reason those need to be outside of HL7 resources?
    • When could you attend an EST meeting to discuss this?
  • How well are the existing tools meeting the needs of your Workgroup?
  • Are you familiar with the HL7 Tooling Catalog?
  • Have you reviewed the tooling catalog for accuracy with current practices? (i.e. Is this consistent with the tooling you are currently using?)
  • Does your Workgroup need an introduction or training on any existing HL7 tooling?
  • Do you believe you have requirements for new tools?
  • Would you like someone from EST to consult with your Workgroup about your tooling needs?
  • Where are you at with the adoption of the HL7 standard toolset
    • Confluence 
      • (templates)
    • JIRA
    • FCC
    • GitHub
    • etc.
  • Communication point between EST and the Workgroup regarding matters of tooling. This includes tooling used for standards development as well as internal tools used for business within HL7 such as communications (i.e., Confluence, JIRA, FCC)
  • Management Groups will have a liaison in person to meet at each WGM for one quarter during the liaison quarter. (V2, FHIR, CDA)
  • Somebody from the V2 Tooling Project as a liaison
  • Workgroups → liaison that participates in at least one in person session per year (either an EST session or an Informational Session on Tooling)
  • Unified Terminology Project (JIRA-based one-stop shop for vocab development)
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