EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes


Facilitator:  Brian Pech 

Note Taker:  Brian Pech 


David BurgessLabCorp
Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
Dave HamillHL7 International
Eric SchmittHL7 International
Wayne KubickHL7 International
Laura MitterHL7 International
Elizabeth Newton

Kaiser Permanente

Brian PechKaiser Permanente
Joshua Procious

HL7 International

Andrew StatlerCerner
Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
Michele CokerOptum

Agenda Topics


  • Call to Order

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

July 13 minutes approval, motion DH/EN, 

approved 6-0-0

  • JIRA

HQ hired a new team member to work on Jira. The new person will work on issues, largely focused on UTG tickets; of which there are more than 100.

Jira will be upgraded to the latest version after the WGM.

  • Confluence

Confluence was down last week as there was a vulnerability in HL7's data center version and the server had to be upgraded to mitigate vulnerability. The server was upgraded to version 7.4. Because of use of dynamic IP, the site was down longer than desired.

Because of Connectathon/WGM there's a lot activity on Confluence. 

The upgrade to Confluence Data Center allows for more data storage for HL7 repositories, etc.  Over 1TB of storage is available.

  • Website

Last month we switched to the paid version of Badglist; which provides educational badges and proof of credentialing on websites.

Clean up of main website continues; moving detailed items is moving over to Confluence.

Deleting old WG minutes off of the document center prior to 2015; all are being archived.

The archived files would need to be requested via HQ; they would not be posted on the web.

  • New PSS Process Updates
DH updates: still piloting the process on Jira, there have not been significant issues, and at the next Co-chair general availability of the new process will announced. Likely going live after WGM.

  • Amazon Hosting Topics
 No significant activities.

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog

  • Publishing

Balloting is closing on Sept. 15.

There is one ballot opened till the end of the month.

Balloting in Jan. 2022 is likely to be another hybrid situation with both the ballot desktop and Jira.

  • Work Group Health
PBS metrics shows us a Green.

Finalizing requirements for Fonteva membership; with expectation of go-live Q3 2022

  • Review Action Items

  • Adjourn
WGM, Sept. 23 Q1 & Q2, next call

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Review the Tooling Project Selection document for the next meeting.
2019-04-02 Meeting notes


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