EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  2021/07/13 

Facilitator:  Brian Pech

Note Taker:  Brian Pech



Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
Dave HamillHL7 International
Eric SchmittHL7 International
Wayne KubickHL7 International
Laura MitterHL7 International
Elizabeth Newton

Kaiser Permanente

Brian PechKaiser Permanente
Joshua Procious

HL7 International

Andrew StatlerCerner
Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
Lynn LaaksoHL7

Agenda Topics


  • Call to Order

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved by consent.

  • JIRA

Eric: Approved by BOD and executive committee to hire someone to do full time Atlassian support. We moving to Atlassian Data Center; we are going to use the non-clustered option. The reason is because it is faster to set up and administer. HL7 has over 3k users in it's Atlassian suite. So the new person will take some of the burden off of Josh. The Atlassian Data Center will be in the AWS cloud.

Working on a project plan to stand up a dev environment and then a prod one.

  • Confluence
no news

  • Website

DaveH: website clean up moving along; made over one hundred changes on the main HL7 site. There are still maybe 75 changes that are pending.

Co-chair materials have moved over the essentials page on Confluence.

  • New PSS Process Updates

DaveH: A second pilot of the PSS process is in flight.

There is an effort to move the withdrawal process and the reaffirmation process over to JIRA; this to try and automate the process as able. Likely pilot later this year.

  • Amazon Hosting Topics
Eric: Using Amazon Family transfer process to move items to S3 bucket sites.

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog

  • Publishing

Consensus groups have opened for sign up; 

Reconciliation deadline is July 25.

  • Work Group Health
Address on the August call.

Association Management Software replacementDaveH: The discovery phase is concluding and beginning data migration over to Fonteva. HQ staff is getting trained on the new system. Targeting a soft launch in Q1 2022.

  • Review Action Items

  • Adjourn
At 15:29 EDT.

Supporting Documents

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Action items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Review the Tooling Project Selection document for the next meeting.
2019-04-02 Meeting notes


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  1. Dear Co-Chairs, 

    Please consider adding voting on the Human and Social Services Work Group Proposal to your next meeting agenda. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Katiya Shell ( or Gay Dolin ( Thank you!