EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes


Facilitator:  Michael van der Zel

Note Taker: Brian Pech


Lynn LaaksoHL7
Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
Dave HamillHL7 International
Eric SchmittHL7
Wayne KubickHL7 International
Laura MitterHL7 International
Elizabeth Newton

Kaiser Permanente

Brian PechKaiser Permanente
Joshua Procious

HL7 International

Andrew StatlerCerner
Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
Frank OemigHL7 Germany
David BurgessLab Corp

Agenda Topics


  • Call to Order

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

motion: BP/FO  approved by consent

  • JIRA

Updated JIRA to 8.13.0 - improvements to internal components, not many changes to user interface; this is a long term release

Testing ballot process - underway. Lynn FHIR R4B as an early May ballot will use the JIRA process. Comments for STU specifications will be moving to JIRA starting next week, as JIRA trackers

  • Confluence
Updated to 7.4.5 - a long term release, updated internal components, not many changes to user interface

  • Website
Updating 2021 certification exams, training courses, FHIR connectathon, WGMs dates.

  • New PSS Process Updates

Significant modifications to the PSS process updates - outlined in the project scope statement, there has been one alpha testing cycle, beta piloting will be upcoming

Pilot will be announced at the upcoming WGM

The process will be in JIRA, using a consensus review process, that is opt-in

  • Amazon Hosting Topics
Josh - no major changes since last call.  Eric is the new webmaster. ( images will likely be hosted on Heroku

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog

Brian Pech Follow up with Andrew

  • Publishing

Lynn - The FHIR publication process is still under construction. Some non FHIR published FHIR based ballots use their own tooling, for example, CQL.

Working with Grahame on how to refine this.

V2+ ballot site tooling

The contents of V2.9 have been converted to FHIR resources so you can use FHIR technology. It is not done using the FHIR publisher but their own tooling and rendering it to look like FHIR specification.

The essential thing is that the V2 specification is maintained in FHIR resources moving away from the historical chapter centered content.

The hope is that the FHIR community will find using V2.x easier.

Michael van der Zel  Schedule call to look at updates to the FHIR IG publisher.

  • Review Action Items
Closed out several outdated action items.

 Update call scheduleContinue once a month, the second Tuesday at 3PM EST.WGM meeting Q2 , Thursday. Pacific Standard time.

Dave HamillMembership replacement system - RFP is out to vendors for bidding.


  • Adjourn

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Review the Tooling Project Selection document for the next meeting.
2019-04-02 Meeting notes

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