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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes


Facilitator:  Brian Pech

Note Taker:  Elizabeth Newton


David BurgessLabCorp
Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
Dave HamillHL7 International
David Johnson (DJ)HL7 International
Wayne KubickHL7 International
Laura MitterHL7 International
Elizabeth Newton

Kaiser Permanente

Brian PechKaiser Permanente
Joshua Procious

HL7 International

Andrew StatlerCerner
Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands


Agenda Topics


  • Call to Order

Brian Pech called meeting to order

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

Laura motioned, DJ seconded minutes approved from 11/26 at 12:10

  • JIRA

Joshua Procious Josh mentioned they are rectifying discrepancies within JIRA databases–specifically between Production and Development. They have updated Ad-Ons today, as well.

Lloyd McKenzie 's  FHIR ballot issue tracking is going well. Lloyd McKenzie is working on the custom JQL for the ballot cycle.

  • Confluence

Joshua Procious indicated he is making an update for TSC (Technical Steering Committee) decisions on the WG (Working Group) page within Confluence... as of the meeting it was  not yet created.

David Johnson
  • GitHub

David Johnson shared approvals are going well. The naming conventions have slightly changed.

  • Website

Laura Mitter is confirming and catching up on site changes from a few months ago.

  • EA Cloud

Joshua Procious mentioned they are keeping SPARKS EA CLOUD around .

  • New PSS Process Updates

Joshua Procious spoke that the Monday project proposals Task Force was provide  updates, and he presented... TSC is on board with the direction and they are the PSS updates are moving forward. Project Proposals Task Force, next step: determine how to roll it out.

David Johnson
  • Amazon Hosting Topics

The server move has been completed, and AWS is now running fully on an AWS instance (not a physical machine).

Additionally, two new dev environments, one for Lynn Laakso and one for Laura Mitter have been established.

Code base in Atlasian and have a server for Bitbucket where code base resides.

Former paid HL7 account has been discontinued/cancelled.  Our new account is a community account--it is free.

A lot has happened!

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog

  • Liaisons Update

  • Publishing
The mission and charter have been  (remotely) updated for the merger of publishing and EST.  May need to wait until additional resources are  available.

Wayne Kubick ... the contract with James Agnew's company.. work on IG publishing and maintenance. covered by the ONC grant.

  • Work Group Health

Brian Pech
  • Adjourn
Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is on 1/7.

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items