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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes


Facilitator:  Brian Pech

Note Taker:  Andrew Statler


David BurgessLabCorp
Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
Dave HamillHL7 International
David Johnson (DJ)HL7 International
Wayne KubickHL7 International
Laura MitterHL7 International
Elizabeth Newton

Kaiser Permanente

Brian PechKaiser Permanente
Joshua Procious

HL7 International

Andrew StatlerCerner
Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
Lynn Laakso

Agenda Topics



07:07 PM

  • Call to Order

Brian Pech
  • Motion to move meeting to bi-weekly
DJ motioned to move the meetings to every other week and Laura seconded the motion was unanimously approved.


On   will consider whether to move back to weekly.

  • Approve Meeting Minutes

 Minutes approved by Consensus

 Minutes approved by Consensus

  • JIRA

JIRA harmonization process using Bitbucket as the terminology store. The workflow will interact with Bitbucket. The merger request will be done between JIRA and Bitbucket. The completion will be pushed to Git.

Will be used for future cycles, not the current cycle.

Bitbucket is usable with JIRA prod as well and can be used for other things as well.

Not sure what those other things might be just yet for Bitbucket.

  • Confluence

Doing work for the gravity project. Confiforms. New FHIR forms hosted by patient care. 156 new users today in Confluence and JIRA for a review feedback process that they are doing right now.

Brian feedback on Confluence - ITS was asked to use a solution that had inline commenting that was not very intuitive. A comment on a comment.

NOTE: Official comments need to be documented in the JIRA workflow.

  • GitHub
Groovy: No new requests in GitHub land. Chat.FHIR

  • Website

  • EA Cloud
Josh created a brief tips sheet on SparxEA and we'll keep that up to date.

  • New PSS Process Updates
Waiting for Austin to review.

  • Amazon Hosting Topics
No new rides in Amazon land.

  • Project 1370: Tooling Catalog
See item below for Steering Division update.

  • Liaisons Update

ST Liaisons Update - June 2019

Started a page for the Liaisons Update.

  • Publishing

Publication Request and the material needs to be done about the same time. Will bounce between Frank and Ted during the harmonization process. Harmonization is . Ted generated something, but not sure that is the final harmonization package.

  • Work Group Health
Still working on the revised mission and charter.

  • Votes on Steering Division Items

Andrew Statler motion to approve SD meeting minutes from  and Dave Hamill seconds. All approved.

Andrew Statler motions to approve 1370. Laura Mitter seconds. Motion carries.

Andrew Statler motions to approve the New Workgroup. Laura Mitter Seconds. No Discussion. 1 Abstain. No objections. 5-0-1. Motion Carries. 

Andrew Statler to respond to Virginia for EST and Brian Pech  will respond for Publishing.

  • CDA, V2

Effort to move C-CDA onto the FHIR platform.

There is overlap between CDA and FHIR participants. As well, there are efforts to move CDA to the FHIR publishing model, so there is something to moving CDA to the chat.FHIR. Lynn prefers to keep C-CDA on the existing channels.

As for V2, the comment was that V2 folks prefer to use other forums.

Brian Pech
  • ballot process

Wayne posted a message about the ballot process. 

There is a requirements document for a new system from Jean Duteau and Lorraine that captures the requirements for a new system that has the functionality of the old. 

ColdFusion platform currently. Would be better not to enhance existing platform.

Brian Pech will ask Wayne about sharing the document.

  • Adjourn

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items

  •  Vote for steering division Co-chair