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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes


Facilitator:  Andrew Statler

Note Taker:  Brian Pech



David BurgessLabCorp

Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
xBrian PechKaiser Permanente

Elizabeth NewtonKaiser Permanente
xAndrew StatlerCerner

Wayne KubickHL7 International
xLaura MitterHL7 International
xDavid Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

xDave HamillHL7 International
xJoshua Procious

HL7 International

Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
xJames AgnewUniversity Health Network

Agenda Topics

Agenda ItemsMeeting Minutes from Discussion

Approval of Agenda

WGM minutes approvalapproval by consensus
20190521 minutes approvalapproval by consensus
PSS- 1222 V2+ co-sponsorship

We agree EST is the correct WG for tracking the tooling that will support generating V2+ and is also a steward for downstream tooling that would allow creation of implementation guides. We believe discussion is needed before agreeing to be a co-sponsor.

Holding approval pending updated timelines.

Since publishing is current sponsor should we (Digital Services) retain primary sponsor suggest moving V2MG or InM.

Brian Pech Raise this question with V2MG on call this week.

Review Mission and Charter

 We reviewed the Mission, We need to merge the Charter.

Submit merger request to OSSDWe reviewed the document and agreed that it looks correct. We need update the M&C. Then submit both the OSSD.
JIRAJosh - no updates

JIRA/Confluence looking at Atlassian Single Sign-on for the overall site.


Updating FHIR DevDays pages. Andrew Statler Points out that there are still dead links and old stale links on the tools and resources page on the HL7 main website.

PSS updates

Updated PSS Confluence form to request target dates.

PSS pilots is still underway using the static template.

Next phase hopefully will use the PSS form and a new, simpler process.

EST tooling Catalog clean up (PSS 1370)Steering division will review on their next call.
New addition to tooling catalog?

Scott Southworth, with HCA Healthcare, has a new V2 programming tool in the Exlixir language, please list on the HL7 tooling catalog?

How does this fit with our evaluation process for vetting tools?

What are the rules for evaluating a tool for addition to the catalog?

Joshua Procious Suggestion to move the list of tools over to Confluence off of the Heroku app. As of today, we can add new tools to the existing tooling database.

David Johnson  HL7 will maintain the list of tools but it may move to another location in HL7 websites. (PSS 1370) Since the PSS is not yet approved, we should table Parse Hog and Scott Southworth requests till PSS 1370 is approved.

Andrew Statler In the meanwhile, add new tools provisionally. Dave Hamill  Agrees with this notion and then update submitters' once inclusion criteria are defined.

Another tool addition request - 

Parse Hog

Parse Hog
Kyle Holgater, Developer
Free online HL7 2.x parser and lookup dictionary
Quick online HL7 message processing

Need to evaluate for addition


Andrew Statler Do we want to require a repo maintainer for a work group? The issue came up in Structured Documents and a discussion ensued.

Are there naming conventions? Is there a process for this? 

David Johnson In the past, DJ has managed HL7 GitHub access. But the question is, who is allowed access to the HL7 GitHub and create repos?

Andrew Statler  Grahame and the FHIR guys are trying to create a naming standard because of the dependencies in their build tools.

Need to have a larger discuss with Wayne Kubick 

Is it possible to establish sub-domains under the HL7 GitHub site?

Grahame proposes that GitHub repo requests need to have a corresponding PSS 

We could have a channel on, where DJ and Grahame and others could discuss access to the HL7 GitHub for repos, as needed.

David Johnson There is a channel on where Grahame, Lloyd, Josh Mandel and DJ discuss when to create new repos on HL7 Github.

Cancel EST call on June 11 due to FHIR DevDays.

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items