Quarter: 2

Chair: David Burgess

Scribe: Andrew Statler

Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


Liaisons Meeting

  • Tools Update for Liaisons
  • Workgroup Survey
  • Liaisons Q&A

Discussion items


03:19 PM

Call to Order
  • Start the meeting

03:21 PM

  • Review our Action Items

Review Project Insight Projects
  • Project #1032 → Extension of DSTU Updates is due in Sept '19 (Insight 1032); Propose to move milestone date out a year. Once all tracker stuff is moved to JIRA that will take care of it.
  • Project #1527 → Next Milestone Update is September 2019. Tooling Catalog PSS. 
  • Project #1062 → Publishing and Tooling support for FHIR publication. EST is co-sponsor. Publishing is primary. What do we need to do to close this project out since it is no longer relevant? Can we just close it? May need to do a formal block vote during one of our regular meetings.
  • Project #1222 → V2+ Sept 1, 2018. EST is co-sponsor. Publishing is Primary. Milestone is overdue. Hans Buitendijk is working on look/feel/navigation. Frank Oemig is working on generation of V2 database. Robert Snelick IG Author Management Tool, thru NIST, is working on tooling for how to do database and web stuff. Any version from 2.3.1 to 2.9 to build a custom IG. Will pre-adopt something from 2.7.1. It is web-based and will bring in something from hematology or anything else. Risk is that the source of funds could be pulled. When you buy a copy of the Access database, Frank gets a cut. Chapter 2c is generated out of Frank's database.
  • Project #1394 → Establish IGAMT as the HL7 V2 IG Publication Tool. Publishing sponsor. EST co-sponsor.
  • Project 

04:05 PM

Meeting schedules
  • Will add lunch, Sunday evening, and a Q0 session to review tools with members.
  • New team name will stick with "Digital Services"

04:07 PM

Action Items
  • Schedule Meetings for weekly starting at 3:00pm EST Brian Pech
  • Rooms for WGM in Sept, add Publishing sessions on Wed and Tool review sessions for Sunday & Lunch Andrew Statler  
  • Merge form for Publishing 1st Draft  Brian Pech
  • Merge form for EST 1st Draft  David Burgess
  • Mission & Charter for EST 1st Draft  David Burgess
  • DMP for EST 1st draft  David Burgess

Liaisons Activities
  • 5 tools on the tool catalog. Reach out to the work group.
  • Survey.
  • each co-chair reaches out to liaisons.
  • hot topics page on confluence.
    • issues/problems.

September WGM

Action items