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Minutes Approved as Presented 

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."


September WGM Housekeeping

  • Room Assignments
  • Agenda Planning
  • EST Meeting Schedule

Discussion items


01:02 PM

Call to Order@

Project Review:

  • Tooling Catalog Process Review
    • The JIRA PSS Process
Andrew Statler

What is the process for JIRA PSS Pilot?

  • Call center follow-up for OO

  • RFP response for new C-CDA publishing tool
Proof of concept by June 10 from Lantana and ART-DECOR. 

  • Merger of Publishing and EST Next Steps
    • GOM documents
Brian Pech

Meeting in Publishing on   to announce to announce the potential merger. Stakeholders were all represented.

The decision was officially approved.

  • Other Projects
    • JIRA queues for other GForge migrations?
      • Is it far enough along that we can set up the queue for CDA and I can work on the CDA queue migrations?
      • It was suggested that we might be able to take a cut once they were in testing in June/July?

  • As was heard in the co-chairs dinner, other groups in GForge are interested in getting their errata queues off of GForge as well. LLoyd punted to the Management Groups. I am working on it for CDA Management Group. I can't necessarily speak for the V2 Management Group or any other groups that might still be on GForge but we are already preparing data to migrate.

  • Tooling Project Select Selection and Prioritization

  • Bucket Site Request Process
Josh set up a JIRA queue and is working with DJ on a process.

  • EA Cloud Updates
Joshua ProciousHL7 V2+ model that was migrated over there from Hans

  • Confluence Updates

6.14.2 patch update. Secure version.

Search Bar.

  • JIRA Updates
JIRA tracking testing to start after this meeting

  • Website Updates

  • PSS Approval workflow updates
Joshua Procious

In a bit of a predicament.

1 static template.

The pilot workflow.

There is a webinar.

The TSC needs to vote on the revamped approval process.

  • GITHub

  • V2 to FHIR

  • Other Items

01:08 PM 01:09 PM

  • OO asking about why we have 2 FCC numbers but Conference Call center doesn't allow overlapping calls. Do we need to schedule something in Conference Call Center?
We need to contact DJ and request some solution.



Action items