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Chair:  @Andrew Statler

Scribe: @Brian Pech  

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Management2019-04-02 Minutes Approvalapproved by consensus
ToolingTooling Project Selection and Prioritization

LC - coming up with how we select and prioritize which tools we

want to support? There are some tools we are spending money and resources on 

but there are other small volunteer efforts that are going on. 

Three categories of tooling - tools supporting the standards,

tools supporting the community and tools donated by community. 

Wayne there's the ongoing activity of keeping the inventory up to date and current.

We have not had much uptake among other workgroups in updating this effort.

Need to update the tooling selection criteria, use of commercial off the shelf software, 

placement of servers in the cloud, what is the criteria for end of life of a tool?

Need to allocate future time to 

work on this.

Bucket Site RequestSet up site request for S3 Bucket sites

What is the process for groups to request, a static site?

DJ we will move Bucket sites to the EST Confluence spaces for management.

What's the administrative process? What's the hand off between proposer and maintainer of 

the site?  

The Board is discussing whether there is restrictions on the content that HL7 would host.

Tabled till more info is available.

EA CloudUpdates on EA Cloud

MVDZ/Josh there has not been feedback from named users yet.  That group of users has not

met and so has not tested this. Joshua Procious send a reminder to the named users.

  • Page set up on Confluence now
  • Did we ever get an answer on that?

There is page for liaisons in the EST space.  

Could the EST liaison participation be a work group health item?

  Dave Hamill The WorkGroup Health Vitality task force looked at this and did not think it was a good idea. Their recommendation will be discussed at WGM by TSC. LC will raise with TSC.

EST Liaisons
  • Discuss custom Sidebar/Header questions from users
  • Other?

  • workflows currently available on JIRA (PSS)
  • update on workflows in-process (ballot)
  • future workflow consideration process
  • communications for users on workflows - page?

Website updates
  • Update on Connect-a-Thon/Implementation-a-Thon

Laura - working on Standards newsfeed on one page, it has an RSS feed. 

PSS approval workflow updates
  • Getting that into the next stage.

PSS 1370  Tooling Catalog Annual Clean-Up - LC walks us through the new PSS  approval


Motion to approve the PSS - LC/MVDZ  motion carries by consensus  8-0-0

The approval was noted in the approval process and it generated a notice to the OSD that

it needs to approve it now.


Need to provide guidelines for use of HL7 GitHub.

What information goes where, task tracking, announcements, version control, ?

Some groups are using tracking in GitHub, should they be?

Migration of items from gForge to GitHub.

LC - Set up a Confluence page that lists what tools are available, where information lives/retained, tracking occurs, 

Joshua Procious As a sub-page off the main HL7 Confluence page.

Tooling Catalog

V2 to FHIR

WGM Prep
  • Who is going? Attending the Steering Division?

Attending - Andrew S, Brian Pech,  Dave Hammill, Josh, Wayne on Thursday

MVZD is unable to attend,

ManagementNext agenda - WGM Tuesday Q1

Adjourned at 15:57 on April 17, 2019.

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