EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  2019-04-02


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xDavid BurgessLabCorp

Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
xBrian PechKaiser Permanente

Elizabeth NewtonKaiser Permanente
xAndrew StatlerCerner

Wayne KubickHL7 International
xLaura MitterHL7 International
xDavid Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

xDave HamillHL7 International
xJoshua Procious

HL7 International

Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting

Agenda Topics

Agenda ItemsMeeting Minutes from Discussion

Review of minutes from March 20David B - motion to approve, Andrew - second, no opposition, no abstaining, unanimously approved
Org SD DMP VoteDavid B - chair +3 to chair +2 for quorum. They have been having trouble getting quorum. They need an official vote for us and then an e-mail. David will motion. Andrew will second. no abstain. no opposition. motion carries 6-0-0 .
Tooling Project Selection and PrioritizationWayne had in an earlier e-mail. We looked at the e-mail from Wayne. There is reference to a link on the old wiki. We are moving the old wiki to the EST confluence space and will review for next meeting. Tooling Project Selection and Prioritization
S3 Bucket sites

DJ: All good in bucket land. FHIR cast is done publishing. No new requests. DJ is okay with how many we have as long as it is managed well. He included the S3 bucket site documentation. He included the current ones to the up-time robot site for monitoring. Perfectly fine to announce at the next WGM, but should run by Wayne. If we get low on buckets, we can ask for more. 

It does make sense to have a central point of contact for asking for buckets.

At next call, we can set up a request site for setting up. Maybe a confluence site and could use something like the process.

EA cloud

Going to work with Michael to populate the documentation space in EA. Not much end use of that space. Not sure about making an announcement at the WGM.


No current updates in this space. How many workgroups? 36-39 listed. Of those on the TSC wiki, most are moved over. Used for e-votes in many workgroups. That has been useful. How easy is it to set up an e-vote? We want to create a copy of this for the EST group. The new PSS statement has been published as a template in Confluence.


The JIRA process that Lloyd has been working on is still not production ready and will not be available for this ballot cycle. That also applies to the errata comments.

Website updatesAvailable to get more marketing information. Building a generic FHIR Connect-a-thon. The team wants to move content off the wiki and onto Confluence.
PSS approval workflow updatesNo updates made as of this morning. Only one in the pilot. No changes in the pilot. Some of that is Brian's partial fault. Issue approval in JIRA. The PSSs are using the new PSS and running through JIRA as the approval process.

No updates. Going to increase backHub from 70 repositories to whatever the next level is.

Tooling Catalog

Josh is still working on the dependencies. Hopefully we will be moving off the current platform soon.

V2 to FHIR effort

Nothing to report here.

Confluence page for WGM HomeAndrew created a WGM home page, but not in the best place. Josh will move as admin.
New AdminAdam Whitcock in the past. Now have a part-time network administrator. Adam is no longer here. The Network Admin will be able to take more of those tasks from DJ, allowing DJ more time to engage on these tasks.
Amazon WebMoved to Amazon Web. Have been looking at some of the pieces with the uplift of windows.
Next call Topic17-Apr-2019, Discuss Style Guide/ Params for Spaces (sidebar, banner etc.)

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document
The Tooling Project Selection and Prioritization Document has been moved from Wiki to Confluence.Tooling Project Selection and Prioritization

Action items

  • Create the WGM agenda for May.
  • Review the Tooling Project Selection document for the next meeting.