EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  2019-03-20

Facilitator:  David Burgess

Note Taker:  Brian Pech


XDavid BurgessLabCorp

Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
XBrian PechKaiser Permanente

Elizabeth NewtonKaiser Permanente

Andrew StatlerCerner
XWayne KubickHL7 International

Laura MitterHL7 International
XDavid Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

XDave HamillHL7 International
XJoshua Procious

HL7 International

Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting

Agenda Topics

Agenda ItemsMeeting Minutes from Discussion

Review of minutes from March 5motion Wayne/DaveHamill   - 4-0-0
S3 Bucket sites

DJ - The limit to the number of "bucket" sites is 100 and more could be added. We also could additional instances within our AWS space.

The form is

HQ is tracking these type of sites on a monthly basis.

There is a link for the S3 Bucket sites on the EST Confluence page.

Bryn Rhodes is responsible  for the CQL bucket site.

Frank Oemig is responsible for the  V2Plus page.

Adding a C-CDA page, who is the responsible person? Brett Marquard

EA cloud

Josh - Sparx has been moved to the  new hardware and the license has been applied to the new instance. 

Wayne we have not officially announced availability of this to the general community.


Josh - we upgraded to 6.14.1 including more complete indexing and some updated theming.

DJ - Confluence back ups, there is a page that documents back up verifications


Josh - upgraded to 8.0.1 which has some streamlined functionality, better notifications and security.

In the FAQ on Confluence, Josh created some information about JIRA trackers vs. Confluence Action Items.

Website updatesLaura sent an email with a link to look at the FHIR Connectathon landing page - need to include more information about the process of creating a track within a Connectathon. The intention is to make this more robust.
PSS workflow updatesJosh - LorraineC is leading this but there are 3 other pilots. Including one that EST is the sponsor of.

DJ - we are backing up all of our repos. We have 66 repos as of today's call.

Tooling Catalog

We are still using the legacy tooling database. Once we have validation about the existing content we can move it over to Confluence.

DaveH - ParseHog is requesting that their tool be added.

V2 to FHIR effort

David Burgess will ask Lorraine Constable for an update on this.

Wayne suggests checking the FHIR wiki for mapping tools.

Next call TopicLook at tool catalog and make some decisions about what we will do with it.

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items

  • Joshua Procious Do we want to move the FHIR wiki materials over to Confluence?