Chair: Andrew Statler

Scribe: Michael van der Zel

Attendence: see Attendance EST - Jan 2019 WGM

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Discussion items


Project Review:

Wayne has Tooling Plan document / presentation.

It did not really change recently.

Most recent FHIR Publishing, CDA Publishing

For our 3-year plan we need to move the milestone to next januari, jan 2020. Dave moved the milestone.

This is an ongoing project.

Project Review:

Is On Hold

We should move our milestone to sep-2019

Dave updates it.


Merger with Publishing.

The Org Support SD proposed to merge EST with Publishing. It is unaniem agreed to move this forward.

See GOM: 09.02.05 Merger of Two or More Work Groups

Suggested was to create portfolios, tooling, publishing, services. Not meant to create silos, just to make clear that those are 3 different items.

Motion: EST agrees to merging with publishing. David Burgess second Jeff Brown - Motion carries 7/0/1 (approve/against/abstain).

Name suggestion "Digital Services fka EST"

"Work Group Change Template" is not updated to reflect the new tools.

David worked on a Confluence page: "EST Publishing Merger" with a start to compare the Missions and Charters. Suggest to use this page to work on the text and generate a word/pdf for publishing on the site.

We should do some workflow investigation (Jira/Confluence) but not for this item.

And cleaning up the listserv of the 2 groups.

Confluence Tooling Catalog DemoJosh links and contents out-of-date.

Demo: Tooling Catalog v2

Current tool is on Heroku. That is an extra tool to maintain. Idea is to move the tool to Confluence, so we don't depend on less tools.

Confluence table has import/export functionality.

CCDA Heroku examples page is maybe a bit to much functionality to move it.


Content needs review, how do we move this forward? We need Liaisons for this. Maybe make this is workgroup health item.

Motion: To request the TSC to include in workgroup health metrics the requirement that each workgroup assigns a tooling liaison who liases with EST at least once a year occording to the EST tooling liaison guidelines. Wayne Kubick second David Burgess - Motion carries: 8/0/0

PSS for communication and strategy of Tool Catalog in Confluence

Make into an official project to update the content of the Tool Catalog (see previous agenda item).

See "PSS Tooling Catalog Cleanup Proces" page.

Dave sends out the RFC for the Tooling Catalog project to the ESC chairs. This show the initial goal and requirements. "HL7_RFP_TechnicalServicesAndToolsInventoryAndArchitecture.pdf"

Q2 / Do we need Q3?

Meeting room schedules. Setting up may WGM.

Do we have an action item for Guidelines for GitHub? Goal is to move all source code to HL7 GItHub from Gforce SVN but also other places. The Liaisons should confirm this.

EA Cloud update Josh / Michael

  • We will setup a page on Confluence outlining the progress. Include JD.

Action items

  • Brian Pech shall fill out the Publishing WG side of the Work Group Change Template
  • David Burgess will take the EST WG side of the Work Group Change Template
  • Update EST main Confluence page. Still shows 2018 WGM links.
  • Wayne Kubick will send the current tooling plan and it will be added to this minutes. It is the attachment for project 1176 annual Tooling plan review. See: HL7ToolingPlan_v3_20190110.docx