EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  2019-01-15


Note Taker:  


XDavid BurgessLabCorp

Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands

Brian PechKaiser Permanente
XElizabeth NewtonKaiser Permanente
XAndrew StatlerCerner

Wayne KubickHL7 International

Laura MitterHL7 International

David Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

XDave HamillHL7 International
XJoshua Procious

HL7 International

Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting

Agenda Topics

Agenda ItemsMeeting Minutes from Discussion
Call to orderWe have quorum. 3 Co-chairs. 2 members.
Agenda reviewWill look at additional items, including some items from the Steering Division.

 WGM Agenda / Project Updates / Work Group Health

Vote on PS Mission Charter 2018-11-01.docx

A few changes. One vote

Move from Andrew to approve

Second by Elizabeth.

0 - against

0 - abstain

4 - For

Motion carries

Project Insight

Publishing - 13

  • 1378 - Loraine
  • 1176 - Annual Review of Tooling Strategy - 3 year plan item. Next - will review on Thursday when Wayne is here.
  • 1032 - how to make comments on things that are on Informative and Normative.
    • This is dependent on JIRA ballot tracking workflow that LLoyd is working on. Current expectation is that Lloyd's project may be done late January.
  • Motion to approve the review of all PSS contingent on the fact that we are not required to approve prior to deadlines.
    • sub task in the JIRA project to the EST group to review each and we will assign to someone.


Review Tooling Strategy with CTO:


  • Review PBS Metrics Jan 2019
  • Review Workgroup Health Metrics Jan 2019
  • M&C / SWOT review up in Jan 2019
  • Review the Projects in Flight. What's on the Roadmap.
  • Tooling Architecture

Mission and charter may take us through Montreal to get up-to-date.

Tooling took time. May take two cycles.

Need to go through Steering division and TSC.

Confluence: Wayne's tooling 3 year plan. Hiroku app hosts CCDA tool search. The inventory catalogue as well. HL7 Soup is written on Ruby on Rails. Links are not good. last updated in 2014. That long ago. Links are bad. Created a demo in Confluence. Confluence can handle that. Using the same form type. Divying up everything in that catalogue. Merge that with Confluence and slashing one extra app and pushing into Confluence. Will need to create a PSS. Define strategy and goal. If we archive the information. Catalog had risk measures and such. We can identify the risk of this tool.

This could be archived. HL7 Soup was added to build HL7. It was a cost. If a workgroup has a need.

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Action items

  • Thursday agenda topic to address meeting schedule