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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  4/10/2018

Facilitator:  Brian

Note Taker:  Andrew


xDavid BurgessLabCorp
 Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
xBrian PechKaiser Permanente
xElizabeth NewtonKaiser Permanente
xAndrew StatlerCerner
xWayne KubickHL7 International
xLaura MitterHL7 International
 David Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

 Dave HamillHL7 International
 Andy Stechishin

CANA Software & Services

 Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting

Agenda Topics

Agenda ItemsMeeting Minutes from Discussion
reviewed 3/28/2018 minutesMinuted from 3/28/2018 approved; Motion 1st by Andrew, Second by Laura, approved 5,0,0
V2 Tooling. V2.9Move Version 2. Source of Version 2 will be a website as a source of truth. One document per chapter. Frank ? is the publishing database has put up a mockup of a V2 page. Need to put a content management system on it. Did a search. WordPress is the largest. Joomla is the 2nd. Drupla is the 3rd (PHP). Solicited opinion from DJ. Drupla has 1 million supporters. 1000s of free extensions and plugins. WordPress is good at what it does. Not appropriate for content. Wanted to make sure EST is aware of these as well. Drupla is tied to use. Is used by FHIR.
hl7.orgNo updates
EA CloudNo updates
Confluence/JIRADJ upgraded the DB last night to new version of postgress. planning to do the version upgrade to the Confluence-based software tonight. Not sure where he is at with the development environment. DJ is checking the error logs. Can we ask him for an update on new functionality in Confluence at the next call. We did engage a more senior advisor last Friday who will be working with Lloyd, DJ, and Ted and making recommendations on Confluence and JIRA. Scheduling a review for the next session.
GITHubOnly outstanding issue was CDS Hooks. Trying to make sure HQ has access. But that is the cultural issue. Responsible for making sure they have access for audits. Need to clarify with Lorraine on the next call around the private repositories
CIMIDefer to next call when Lorraine is on.
FreeConferenceCallNo complaints since last EST call

The request for the links is up. The location is at Laura will work on the formatting of the page. We will communicate in the Cologne announcements.

website updatesTwo links to our public websites. New for people coming to HL7 that are not members. Will be mobile friendly. Were working with white label. The new page needs to be designed for the good of the entire community. Not just certain individuals. Hoping to have this up and running by the September WG meeting. Possibly sooner. Consensus is that we think it is going in the correct direction.
SWOT review

Motion to approve SWOT as reviewed on 4/10/2018. Laura 1st, Andrew 2nd, 5,0,0

Will schedule follow-up review to look at the prioritization of the items on the SWOT.

email lists for restructured alignmentsWayne to work with DJ on the email lists.
chat.hl7.orgWe will add Zulip to the
Next CallApril 25, 3pm - will ping Ted to see if he can join us.

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document
SWOT review

Action items