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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes


Facilitator:  Brian

Note Taker:  


XDavid BurgessLabCorp
 Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
XBrian PechKaiser Permanente
 Elizabeth NewtonKaiser Permanente
XAndrew StatlerCerner
XWayne KubickHL7 International
XLaura MitterHL7 International
XDavid Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

XDave HamillHL7 International
 Andy Stechishin

CANA Software & Services

 Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting

Agenda Topics

Agenda ItemsMeeting Minutes from Discussion
Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)

Motion to approve agenda by Wayne seconded by Laura Abstain:0; Against: 0; In Favor: 6

Minutes review and approval 
  • Minutes of Feb 27, 2018
Motion to approve David Burgess seconded by Dave Hamill Abstain:0; Against: 0; In Favor: 6
EST Mission and CharterWayne Kubick reviewed and has comments that he will send. David Burgess will collect and colate comments for review on another call.
Review Work Group Health

Reviewed attached Work Group Health Report.

  • We discussed lack of "Active Projects". Dave Hamill suggested adding EST as a co-sponser to the Jira/Con project. Discussed wether or not we need to assign projects to some of our open tasks. We will discuss that further on another call.
  • We acknowledged that the SWOT needs to be updated. Andrew Statler will take a first stab at updating the SWOT.
Project Updates 
  • EA Cloud
no update
  • Confluence/JIRA
  • DJ reported that the port numbers have been removed from the URLs.
  • Application links between two systesm are presently not working. DJ has an open ticket with atlassian. Once that issue is resolved DJ will setup the development envionment. We did discover that the development environment cannot live on the same virutual server as the production environment.
  • Had a request from Loyd to remove the Service Desk options from the environment. We want to check with Ted first to see if he is using those features.
  • GIThub

no updates

  • CIMI
  • FreeConferenceCall

Note, at this point we have rolled out, errors should be routed to Dave H. for tracking. (32 workgroups have FCC accounts.) Pilot is over, we are using this moving forward.


no updates

Do we have a formal way to request apart from emailing the webmaster. Laura will post something up.

Website Updates

HL7 public home for new people, received mockup specs from whitelable hope to share soon.

Disaster Recovery & Escalation Process

no updates

Wayne suggested a special meeting with Adam to discuss in more detail.



Next MeetingBrian to schedual new time on conference center. Andrew to Chair, Brian to take notes.
  • Invite Ted to discuss JIRA workflow lessons learned
David B to invite Ted to next meeting.
Parking lot for upcoming meetings 
  • Review Combined project roadmap and prioritize


Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document
Minutes review and approval 
  • Minutes of Feb 27, 2018
Mission and Charter
Work Group Health

Action items