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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes

Date:  Jan. 2, 2018

Facilitator:  Brian Pech

Note Taker:  Brian Pech




Andy StechishinCANA Software & Services
 David BurgessLabCorp
 Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
 Nat WongHL7 Australia
xBrian PechKaiser Permanente
xWayne KubrickHL7 International
xLaura MitterHL7 International
xDavid Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

xDave HamillHL7 International

Agenda Topics

Agenda OutlineMeeting Minutes from Discussion

  1. Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)
  2. Minutes review and approval
    • Minutes of December 12, 2017
  3. WGM Agenda
  4. Project Updates
  5. Zulip Chat announcement
  6. Website Updates
  7. Disaster Recovery & Escalation Process
  8. Next Meeting
  9. Parking lot for upcoming meetings
    1. Review Combined project roadmap and prioritize

2) Approval of Minutes from Nov. 28, 2017 - motion approve - Wayne/Laura - approved 4- 0 - 0


3) WGM agenda - Review of WGM schedule; group agreed that the standing meetings seem sufficient at this point in time.

4) Project updates

 Zulip update - When do we want to announce the  Wayne wants to announce before upcoming WGM and wants feedback on the announcement document.

Confluence updates - Patrick Lloyd is setting up a quick start guide on how to use Confluence. The quick start guide still needs to be reviewed.

A contractor is setting up an attendance log for use at the WGM and Patrick wrote up a how to use guide on self-registration for the attendance log.

Tony Julian is going to utilize the PSS template on Confluence and provide feedback on how it works or not.

Both Confluence and JIRA are on Postgres SQL on AWS.  DJ will check with Atlassian to see if either needs to be updated to a new version.

JIRA update -  Lloyd McKenzie sent Wayne a draft document on revised ballot process using JIRA. We hope to circulate this document by the WGM.

Unified Terminology Governance project -  Ted will supply an update. Ted, DJ and Lloyd need to coordinate on a process Vocab would like run against JIRA workflow for the UTG.

FCC update - Ted Klein reported issues with FCC not working overseas for some people. Dave Hamill will take issue up with FCC support.  Dave Hamill and DJ are working on providing co-chair only accounts.  There are approximately 25 work groups using FCC currently.

EA updates - awaiting input from Michael VZ and Lorraine Constable.


5) Zulip Chat announcement -  Review of Wayne's announcement document - includes some rules of conduct and instructions on how to use Zulip. Consensus was that this should be posted on HL7's tools and resources page and link it to the Zulip help page.


6) Website updates - No updates currently.


7) Disaster Recovery and Escalation -  more information coming shortly.


8) Any other business - Dave Hamill recommends that we standardize the links the EST minutes.




Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document
5) Zulip Chat announcement materials

Action items