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EST Work Group Agenda / Minutes



Note Taker:  




Andy StechishinCANA Software & Services
XDavid BurgessLabCorp
 Michael van der ZelHL7 Netherlands
 Nat WongHL7 Australia
XBrian PechKaiser Permanente
XWayne KubrickHL7 International
XLaura MitterHL7 International
XDavid Johnson (DJ)

HL7 International

XDave HamillHL7 International

Agenda Topics

Agenda OutlineAgenda ItemMeeting Minutes from Discussion
1Agenda review and approval (Suggestions or additions to and acceptance of agenda)Motion to approve agenda David/Laura passed unanimously.
2Minutes review and approvalMotion to approve agenda David/DJ Abstain-1, Against-0, In Favor-4
2.1Minutes of October 3, 2017 
3Project Updates 
3.1JIRA and Confluence Pilot

DJ Reported things are going well, did have one issue that was sent to support. Support informed DJ to migrate database to non-demo database. DJ will build a new instance of the database and then update current system to new database.

Currently running version that slightly behind the current Atlassian versions. Will look to establish an upgrade schedule, sometime after database upgrade.

Looking to provide some self-service when registering.

Seeing more work groups getting involved with JIRA and Confluence.

3.XChat client Update

Report from Wayne about Zulip offer to host chat for the organization free of charge, (With FHIR chat group exclusion.) Should be setup this week as

Discussed how we want to structure (Work group based, topic based, or other?)

Need to discuss with TSC, some Work Groups will have much deeper trees, than others. Discussed dividing by steering division, but there are challenges as work groups might change steering divisions. Also there are problems with dividing by product family.

EST should devise an option or options to recommend to the TCS.

Next meeting we will try to come up with a recommendation on how to structure We will begin discussing on, once the url is corrected.

3.2Web Meeting Try-outs

FCC tip sheet was uploaded by Dave H. Patient Admin signed up for an FCC account, independently (not though Dave), however, all co-chairs where unable to download the executable due to corporate security issues within their organizations. Product Services is another group dealing with the same corporate security issues.

Intent was not to force everyone to FCC, but to provide a solution. We need to inform everyone that there may be issues, and the group is welcome to find a solution that works for the group, but we do need the Conference Call Center to accurately reflect meeting coordinates regardless of which solution is used.

4Website Updates

Laura sent out some mock-ups for review. Addition of Categories and Ballot Types at the bottom of the Product Brief pages

5Disaster Recovery & Escalation ProcessNetwork assistant has turned in notice, but new assistant has already been hired, and starts next week.
6Next Meeting 
7Parking lot for upcoming meetings

DJ discussed Lorraine's proposed GitHub Document (attached below)

Sparx EA cloud update, DJ is cloud waiting on reply from Sparx Systems.

Parking lot question: Does Current version of Confluence support docx documents?

7.1Review Combined project roadmap and prioritize 
7.2EST Strategic Plan - Current Year Targets (review at WGM) 
7.3Risk Register 

Supporting Documents

Outline ReferenceSupporting Document

Lorraine's GitHub document referenced in Parking lot discussion.


Action items