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Sandy Vance just edit this page. 

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  1. The draft minutes for June 7 posted today, including affirmation of next steps' focus on instantiating Data Quality/Record Authenticity basic assurance.   This extends Provenance (where did this come from) into Authenticity (did the origination conform to end-use requirements for data quality, accuracy, and record authenticity)

  2. Also posted today is the reference for the Record Lifecycle Events (RLE) conformance criteria or Originate and Retain and Receive and Retain.   Others will be required to fully instantiate our objectives.   We're starting with a presumed "lighter lift".


  3. All 2019 meeting minutes for our calls, and for the WATT calls (from when we split the group into two meetings) now on the Podiatry Confluence page.   They are under "Meeting Minutes, Agendas for Wound Template Work.

    There is a separate page for WATT Content and Data Quality/Accuracy Reference materials.

    Comments requested, resources and references invited!