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November 1, 2019 DRAFT Minutes

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance: Dyane Tower, Linda McSmith, Carie Hammond, Michael Brody, Reed Gelzer

Out of Office: Richard Ettema, Gary Dickinson, Wendy Gereke
<<Reference: Susan Matney, Carie Hammond, Richard Ettema, Michael Brody, Sheryl Turney (Anthem), Barbara Bellione, Nathan Davis, Michael Warshaw, Reed Gelzer, Mario Hyland, Susan Young (Anthem), Linda McSmith, Joshua Budman, Gary Dickinson, Dyane Tower, Greg Zeller >>

  1. Old Business
    1. Tasks Update
  • Connectathon planning-January/February timeframe
    • Possible Connectathon event second week in January? Pending…
    • NIB for mid-November status?
  • Current FHIR IG and framing up "nexts"
    • (Placeholder)
    1. Update on Connectathon series workplans
      1. Q1 2020
        1. Current participants in discussion to participate in R&D and possibly in Connectathon
          1. Tissue Analytics-Yes
          2. SAMI- no change, pending
          3. MEDDENT- no change, pending
          4. PENRAD- no change, pending
          5. Anthem Prior Auth-probable, no change, pending
          6. Nemo (product EHR Traknet)- no change, pending
        2. Other items?
      2. Q2: Aspirations
        1. Multi-object, single authentication event (with digital certificate signature),
        2. Dental-
    2. HIMSS
  1. HL7 Speaker slots – Proposal sent for presentation at HIMSS booth for HL7, forwarded to Andrea Ribick for consideration for event March 9-13, 2020 | Orlando, FL Orange County Convention Center
  2. Anthem InteOp showcase inclusion:
    1. Status of Data Quality/Accuracy/Authenticity assurance (new work)?
      1. 3 Weeks to Thanksgiving Week slowdown.
      2. Update on Accuracy/Authenticity mapping (Richard, Carie)
      3. Resources: Links to our current works in progress

Updated FHIR IG Page for 4.0 version:

Other references of interest:

  1. Examples provided for our FHIR IG Content aspirations (These will change as the FHIR site updates. Watch here for changes)

  1. Primary references for initial work, US Core (FHIR 4.0 version in progress) These will change as the FHIR site updates. Watch here for changes)

  1. Related projects links

Prior Auth
CIMI Planning and Oversight Meeting
United States: +1 (571) 317-3112 Access Code: 455-549-973

    1. Convergence/collaboration with other tracks, threads, domains.
      1. DaVinci
        1. Template call-
        2. Other DaVinci calls Prior Auth support calls at same time. Update
        3. Attachments/PPIE
      2. CIMI work-
      3. Burden/Usability update-Gary update:
      4. Others?

VI. Next meeting October 31 at 3PM (WATT work call)-

        1. TASKS Review- Communications with Podiatric community/education

VII. Adjourn –Next meeting November 8th
Appendix: PARKING LOT Agenda item placeholders

        1. Test data status?
        2. Updates on participants
          1. EHR Vendor
            • ICS
            • Other
          2. Registry
          3. Clinician(s)
          4. Risk insurer
          5. Payer
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