The goal of the HL7 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Work Group is to support the HL7 mission of developing standards for EHR data, information, functionality, and interoperability. The Work Group will contribute to HL7’s goal by creating and promoting appropriate and necessary standards, including:
  • Support of Functional and Information Requirements for Electronic Health Records (EHR) and systems (EHRS);
  • Support of Functional and Information Requirements for Personal Health Records (PHR) and systems (PHRS);
  • Evolving a framework for the development of Functional Models (e.g. national domains) and Profiles (e.g. medical sub-specialty), including the development and use of tooling;
  • Defining a high-level framework to support the interoperability requirements and life cycles with a focus on trustworthiness, reliability and records authenticity of EHR systems in coordination with other Work Groups;  
  • Identification of existing and emerging information requirements and other HL7 artifacts; 
  • Participation in development of FHIR resources which support the functional models; and
  • Working with the international affiliates in the development of realm-specific Functional Profiles.

About us - Co-Chairs

  • Michael Brody, DPM

  • Gary Dickinson, FHL7

  • Mark Janczewski, MD, MPH

  • John Ritter, FHL7

  • Michael Van Der Zel

  • Lincoln Weed JD

  • Pele Yu, MD

Additional Information:

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